Riding the Wave - A Look Into the Sui Ecosystem


May 05, 2023

9 min read

Riding the Wave - A Look Into the Sui Ecosystem

Blockchain technology continues to evolve rapidly, and there's always something new to discover. One of the latest developments in the space is SUI Blockchain, which has been generating much buzz lately.

Sui is poised to offer users a unique and innovative ecosystem that could further develop how we interact with the blockchain. This article will examine the SUI ecosystem, exploring its features, benefits, and potential use cases.

Whether you're an experienced blockchain enthusiast or just starting to explore the potential of this technology, you will want to take advantage of this ultimate guide to the upcoming SUI ecosystem. So let's dive in and explore what this new ecosystem has in store.

Validators on SUI

Validators are a critical component of the Sui network's infrastructure. They are responsible for processing transactions and securing the network. Operations are processed by validators, each with a specific stake from SUI token holders.

A validator's share of the total stake on the network determines each validator’s voting power for processing transactions. The Tallying Rule encourages and enforces community monitoring of the validator set. Each validator monitors and scores every other validator to ensure everyone is operating efficiently and in the network's best interest. Users can delegate their stakes to validators, allowing them to consolidate voting powers and earn a share of the fees.

Are you SUI institutional staker? You might be interested in our customized enterprise packages for institutional stakers. Contact us via our SUI staking page.

Moreover, the Sui network maintains its security properties as long as a quorum of two-thirds of the overall stake is assigned to honest parties. Validators compile and validate transactions submitted by users and secure the network.

At the same time, SUI token holders can stake their tokens to secure the network, earn additional SUI tokens as a reward, and participate in Sui's governance operations. As the Sui network grows, validators will play a crucial role in ensuring its success.

Stakin was actively involved in the Sui Testnet phases leading up to the mainnet launch on May 3rd, 2023, and was one of the Golden Medalists for Wave 2. Now on theMainnet, we continue to work with a selected set of validators to offer the best performance for Sui users.

We are committed to supporting the network with reliable validator infrastructure and to helping further advance the blockchain ecosystem.

There are currently ~100 validators on Mainnet, among which Stakin and some other well-established trusted validators. We'd like to emphasize the importance of decentralization in blockchain technology, as it ensures that the network works reasonably and safely by dispersing control and authority among its participants.

A Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain network can establish a more robust and decentralized network by having numerous validators and incentivizing staking. This minimizes the danger of single points of failure and boosts network stability. When staking with a validator, we advise you to conduct due diligence. Our team can assist with questions about Sui staking and node operators.

Decentralized Finance & Liquid Staking

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has emerged as a major disruptor in the financial industry. It offers innovative, decentralized solutions that can potentially transform how we interact with financial services.

Among those DeFi projects, liquid staking is an extremely popular option that has gained significant traction over the past few years. It allows cryptocurrency holders to earn staking rewards while retaining the ability to trade or sell their tokens.

Liquid staking protocols are at the forefront of the cryptocurrency staking economy, revolutionizing liquidity access in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. These are some of the most popular upcoming DeFi and Liquid Staking solutions for Sui.

Aftermath Finance

Aftermath Finance is an on-chain CEX and liquid staking provider that offers staking pools, trading, bridges, and more. The company aims to develop products that retail customers and institutions can use. They aim to create products that can attract significant liquidity from both market segments while offeringtrading strategies that benefit users at any level of experience.

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One of their essential products is a tokenized options infrastructure, allowing liquidity mining incentives to be offered as call options. This service can be extended to other projects within the company's ecosystem, providing additional value to their users.

Smoove Finance

Smoove Finance is a novel StakeFi protocol with liquid staking and DeFi vaults. They aim to maximize the synergies between its staking derivative and other protocols to enable a positive flywheel effect, increasing yields for Sui stakers. Smoove is also actively managing stake allocation to performant validators to maximize native yield and decentralization of the Sui network.


Suiswap is one of the largest decentralized exchanges on the SUI blockchain. Its user interface is strikingly similar to that of most DEX platforms, with the ability to trade tokens, contribute assets to liquidity pools, and make passive income through coin staking. Suiswap is distinguished by its ability to exchange a diverse range of test tokens, including ETH, BTC, USDT, and SOL. This functionality is helpful because users require various assets to participate in activities on DEX platforms.


OwlSwap is a decentralized exchange and DeFi platform that operates on the Sui network. Among its features are the Owl School, which allows users to stake their OWLTOKENs for potential profits. The platform also offers trading visualization tools to help users deploy better trading strategies. OwlSwap has a Token-Hunting Bot that enables automated instant buying of newly listed tokens.

MovEx & DeepBook

MovEx is a DEX designed to give users and project developers on Sui the most significant trading and liquidity provisioning experience possible. The platform provides services to users throughout the token's lifecycle, from a concentrated liquidity AMM, stable-coin AMM, order book hybrid liquidity Swap to Intelligent Liquidity Allocation services to first liquidity providing services.

Aside from the DEX, MovEX is also one of the creators of DeepBook, backed by the Sui Foundation. DeepBook is a decentralized limit order book developed for Sui, allowing builders to create DeFi apps easily. DeepBook provides a one-stop shop for trading digital assets. It spreads deep liquidity across the Sui DeFi ecosystem with low latency and a high execution engine.


WispSwap is a decentralized exchange and DeFi platform on Sui blockchain. The platform provides a suite of financial products, including trading, lending, farming, staking, prediction markets, and launchpad, making it a one-stop shop for DeFi users. The platform strives to enhance user experience and maximize returns by implementing innovative and meticulously designed mechanisms. One of these innovative mechanisms is Wisp-prediction, the first Decentralized Prediction Market on the Sui blockchain, allowing users to predict crypto prices and real-world events.

Another unique mechanism is Asymmetric Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (A-CLMM) with auto-adjustable parameters that provide industry-leading impermanent loss protection and better capital efficiency for liquidity providers. Additionally, WispSwap's tokenomic design features ve(3,3), which incentivizes long-term holding and active participation in governance by allowing users to vote on proposals.

Aries Market

Aries Markets is a decentralized finance platform with a unique money market. The platform enables users to seamlessly lend, borrow, and trade with leverage all in one spot. Their goal is to create an easy-to-use platform for DeFi users of all levels of complexity.


SeaPad is a launchpad on the Sui blockchain aiming to accelerate creative ideas and support Web3 adoption through innovative projects. Aside from launchpad services, SeaPad has integrated DeFi functionalities such as swapping and on-chain referential mechanisms; the network offers supporting marketing tools for DApps, and DAO government frameworks. Other launchpad projects building on Sui are Meadow, Belaunch, Sui Launch, SuiPad, and StarSpace.

Wallets & Authentication Products


Suiet is designed for everyone and tracks nothing from users, with everything open-sourced. The wallet is constantly polishing and pursuing the ultimate user experience to ensure that anyone, veteran or crypto newcomer, gets the hang of Suiet in minutes with ease.


Ethos is the Sui wallet focussed on dApps, experiences, and NFTs. Ethos Wallet's Chrome plugin provides a straightforward method to interact with crypto, NFTs, and dApps on the Sui blockchain - designed for newcomers and crypto experts.

Martian Wallet

The Martian Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that may be used to manage digital assets and access decentralized applications. The wallet services multiple Move language blockchains, including Sui and Aptos.

Sui Wallet

Sui Wallet is the Sui blockchain's official web3 wallet. The non-custodial web3 wallet is a browser plugin that may store and administer SUI and other network tokens and NFTs. It can also connect to Sui-based dApps and retrieve Sui Explorer's transaction history. Users can also stake SUI tokens and earn incentives through the Sui Wallet.

If you’re interested in staking $SUI with these wallets, go to stakin.com for more information and step-by-step instructions.

Gaming and NFTs

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain and used to represent ownership of a specific item, such as a piece of art, collectible, or in-game items.

In gaming, NFTs can represent unique in-game items, such as weapons, armor, or rare virtual items that players can trade or sell. This can create a more immersive gaming experience and provide a new revenue stream for game developers and players.

The SUI blockchain supports the creation and management of NFTs, which can be used in gaming and other applications. Overall, the combination of SUI blockchain and NFTs can create new opportunities for gaming and other industries, allowing for more secure, private, and decentralized transactions of unique digital assets. These are some of the NFT projects currently building on Sui:

  • BlueMove - BlueMove is an NFT marketplace where users can mint, trade, and buy NFTs, stake NFTs and swap them.
  • Clutchy - Clutchy is an NFT marketplace on Sui specializing in digital art and gaming. Through the platform, users can visit their favorite Sui games directly. Furthermore, the marketplace offers Launchpad services for those interested in developing gaming and NFTs on the Sui blockchain.
  • Sui Gallery - Sui Gallery is an NFT market built on Sui. It is pretty mysterious; however, there is much hype around this NFT marketplace within the ecosystem.
  • Dragon Sui - Dragon Sui is an NFT market built on Sui and enables minting, collecting, and trading NFTs.
  • KeepSake - KeepSake is an NFT market built on Sui and aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.
  • StarSpace - StarSpace is an NFT market built on Sui and Aptos.

These are some of the games currently building on Sui:

  • Final Stardust - Final Stardust is a turn-based 2D anime-style card game that incorporates several new features like Saiments, Synergies, dynamic music, and more to attempt to create an entirely new and vigorous battle system.
  • COSMOCADIA - COSMOCADIA is a Sui Network play-and-earn community-based farming game by Lucky Kat Studios. You can farm, fish, build stuff, and decorate in the game. You will ensure that your property develops as you wish, so you are creating your paradise.
  • PLASMAVERSE - PLASMAVERSE is a Metaverse multi-phase ARPG game. The game takes place in a universe where Earth is on the edge of extinction, and Plasma Verse is regarded as an alternative because it is the most Earth-like. The game tells the narrative of Plasmaverse explorers visiting this planet to supply supplies.
  • Run Legends - Run Legends is a gamified fitness experience that allows you to work out while earning money. To play this game, you must physically train your body. Anyone can play the game as long as they enjoy being active. If you're tired of playing video games while stuck in one place, Run Legends is the game for you. It will assist you in transcending all physical barriers.

Other Projects in the Sui Ecosystem

Of course, there are many more categories and projects building in the Sui Ecosystem. Here are some projects that don’t fit within the categories mentioned above.


Supra is a provider of oracles seeking to bridge the gap between traditional financial markets and the Web3 sector. Supra will allow Sui's dApps to access real-world data on-chain easily by leveraging exceptional security features via its novel consensus process, cross-chain interoperability capabilities, and transaction finality time of fewer than five seconds.

Axelar Network

Axelar provides safe cross-chain communication for Web3, allowing you to create Interchain dApps that span several chains. Axelar is built on proof-of-stake, the battle-tested method of Ethereum, Polygon, Cosmos, and now Sui. Cross-chain communication allows you to create a comprehensive experience for your users, allowing them to engage with any asset, application, or chain with a single click.

Sui Names

Sui Names is a Sui ecosystem-focused decentralized digital identification. Users can obtain a ".sui" username to represent themselves in the Metaverse. Sui Names intends to help the NFT collector series by incorporating SuiNames into their NFTs.

Final Thoughts

SUI Blockchain has generated a lot of excitement in the blockchain space. It is poised to offer users a unique and innovative ecosystem that could further develop how we interact with the blockchain.

The SUI ecosystem has many features, including validators that process transactions and secure the network, liquid staking protocols, and various decentralized exchanges like Suiswap, OwlSwap, and MovEx & DeepBook.

Validators play a crucial role in ensuring the network's success, and decentralization is essential to ensure that the network works reasonably and safely by dispersing control and authority among its participants. Overall, SUI Blockchain has many potential use cases and could revolutionize how we use blockchain technology.

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. Staking, delegation, and cryptocurrencies involve a high degree of risk, and there is always the possibility of loss, including the failure of all staked digital assets. Additionally, delegators are at risk of slashing in case of security or liveness faults on some protocols. We advise you to do your due diligence before choosing a validator.

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