Secure Dedicated Nodes

Secure Dedicated Nodes

Get the benefits of having a dedicated machine without worrying about the hardware or technical expertise needed to operate a node. Each dedicated node is adapted to your needs and requirements.

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  • Sparkles
    Maximize your staking rewards
  • Balance
    Adaptable to regulatory constraints
  • Fireworks
    Contribute to decentralization
  • GlobeEuAfrica
    Ensure your node runs in a specific location
  • Locker
    Provide a reliable endpoint for blockchain interactions
Advanced Solutions

Advanced Solutions

Our Dedicated node solutions serve Blockchain Applications, Custody Services, Bridges, Proof-of-Authority networks, Network Foundations and beyond. These nodes can be used for a broad range of use cases such as optimized staking APR, location specific needs, performance objectives, and commercial requirements.

Monitoring and Security

Monitoring and Security

Running a reliable node in a PoS network presents technical and operational challenges. That’s why we’ve established 24/7 alerting and monitoring, offer continuous support, tailor-made insurance solutions, and SLA agreements to ensure the security and uptime of your nodes. Our dedicated nodes come with a secure monitoring dashboard, allowing clients to transparently track their node's performance.

RPC Nodes

RPC Nodes

As part of our dedicated node services, Stakin offers customized public or private RPCs for multiple Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks.

RPCs allow applications and wallets to connect with blockchain networks, playing an essential role for developers, traders, and various blockchain applications. Our robust RPC solutions support developers, blockchain bridges, decentralized endpoints, and network Foundations, enabling seamless interactions within the blockchain ecosystem.

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Client Insurance

Client Insurance

Stakin implements risk mitigation solutions ranging from deploying institutional-grade node infrastructure to leveraging Company Treasury guarantees, along with premier third-party insurance solutions to guard against slashing risks.

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