Run Branded Nodes With Stakin

Run Branded Nodes With Stakin

We offer managed branded nodes, minimizing the technical and operational challenges of running validator infrastructure, and allowing our clients to launch their own branded staking solution.

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  • Apple
    Run nodes with your branding
  • Astronaut
    Minimize technical and operational challenges
  • Balance
    Adaptable to regulatory constraints
  • Locker
    Security and Reliability
  • Wand
    Potentially maximize returns from staking
Secure Infrastructure

Secure Infrastructure

Stakin has implemented measures to bolster the security and reliability of our validation operations. We deploy a geographically distributed global infrastructure, partnering with 10 leading bare metal and cloud providers. This ensures your validator nodes have access to resilient and reliable hardware and network resources.

Adapted to Client Requirements

Adapted to Client Requirements

Each whitelabel node is custom deployed depending on clients and network requirements to ensure reliability, uptime, and also compliance. We typically deploy multiple sentry nodes and run a redundant infrastructure using best practices in web3 infrastructure. We are able to deploy in specific datacenter and regions to adapt for both decentralization, uptime or regulatory constraints.

Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring

We provide 24/7 live monitoring tools for real-time analysis of your validator nodes' performance and availability. This facilitates transparent tracking of your node performance, while empowering us to promptly identify and resolve any emerging issues.

  • Shield

    Benefit from 4+ years of experience running nodes with 99.9%+ uptime and the in-depth protocol knowledge of our DevOps.

  • Locker

    Industry-leading infrastructure with contractual SLA, full redundancy, security best practices and 24/7 monitoring.

  • BlockBrand

    We offer customized nodes with your name, branding, and commission rate. Plus custom APIs and reporting solutions.

Client Insurance

Client Insurance

Stakin implements risk mitigation solutions ranging from deploying institutional-grade node infrastructure to leveraging Company Treasury guarantees, along with premier third-party insurance solutions to guard against slashing risks.

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