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We provide institutional customers with secure, scalable and reliable blockchain infrastructure solutions. Our Dedicated and Whitelabel node services adapt to enterprise-level security, commercial, and compliance needs.

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Asset managers


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Venture Capital & Hedge funds


Network Foundations

Enterprise-grade Staking Solutions

Dedicated Nodes

Get the benefits of having a dedicated machine without worrying about the hardware or technical expertise needed to operate a node. Each dedicated node is adapted to your needs and requirements.

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Whitelabel Services

We offer managed branded nodes, minimizing the technical and operational challenges of running validator infrastructure, and allowing our clients to launch their own branded staking solution.

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Slashing Protection & Insurance

We offer institutions contractual insurance guarantees against missed rewards and slashing risks, including downtime or double-signing. Insurance is provided by our robust company treasury and partnerships with leading third-party insurers for tailored coverage. Choosing Stakin ensures not only top-tier service but also invaluable peace of mind.


Tracking Dashboard

Track staked crypto assets with our free non-custodial and easy-to-use dashboard. Create reports and analyze the staking performance of your crypto portfolio.

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Custom API services

We provide API endpoints for data purposes, accounting and even staking purposes. Our dedicated secure and reliable APIs let you supercharge your wallet, staking applications and can be built to fit with your back-end requirements.


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Dedicated Support

With robust technical expertise, our excellent support team is able to assist you with complex staking and network questions via your preferred channels. We also set up dedicated channels for institutional clients, where we exchange on topics including market research and new protocols. Do not hesitate to reach out.

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Reporting Services

With dedicated reporting services, you will benefit from clear and verifiable historical data to track your staked assets and performance. We offer different formats of reports (monthly, quarterly, yearly) which can be delivered via CSV or API. Institutional customers also get premium access to exclusive features on our dashboard.


SLA Agreements

We provide compliant, institutional-grade Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) to assure our clients of uptime and insurance guarantees. With an excellent track record, we've consistently delivered 99.9%+ uptime and exceptional support services. Our agreements offer additional security in our commitment to excellence.

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Client Insurance

Client Insurance

Stakin implements risk mitigation solutions ranging from deploying institutional-grade node infrastructure to leveraging Company Treasury guarantees, along with premier third-party insurance solutions to guard against slashing risks.

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For institutional investors, Stakin has partnered with leading custodian providers.

We can help you navigate your questions concerning staking, security, and risk management.

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