Institutional Services

Stakin institutional provides customers with secure, scalable, and user-friendly solutions for their staking and node infrastructure needs. All our dedicated and whitelabel services are optimized for enterprise security and compliance requirements.

Suitable Solutions for:


Asset managers


Family offices






VC & Hedge funds


Network Foundations

3d Cubes

Dedicated Nodes

Stakin provides the option to purchase a dedicated node. Doing so means you'll receive the benefits of a dedicated machine without the hassle of owning one. It's possible to add multiple nodes at once or overtime, and each node has its distinct address. Furthermore, your node comes with a unique connection and authentication key. Keeping your nodes safe.

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3d Cubes

Whitelabel Services

Run your validators with us for easy and secure participation in staking networks, optimize returns on your staking investment and reduce risks. Stakin’s experience running nodes for 4+ years on all major networks we’ve been able to build well-rounded and enterprise-standard infrastructure. We’ve built close relationships with Proof-of-Stake networks through our involvement from testnet to mainnet. We work closely with the network’s community, project teams, and foundations to help secure, test and enhance the network.

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All Your Staking Activities In One Simple Overview

Staking has never been easier! Stay up-to-date on your pending staking rewards from all your different networks in one place. Use the Stakin dashboard and experience it for yourself.

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Why Stakin


Reliable Infrastructure

We leverage the infrastructure of leading cloud and Tier 3 colocation providers. Additionally, we use sentry nodes, HSMs, and live monitoring tools to ensure that our validation operations run at 99%+ uptime.


Dedicated Support

Our team is committed to providing the best staking provider service available. That is why we prioritize support for all of our delegators. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and welcome you to ask any questions you might have.


Slashing Guarantees

Stakin offers slashing guarantees for our institutional services. Which means, while we do have 99%+ uptime, if we do miss a block, you’ll still receive your rewards and won’t be vulnerable to slashing.


Custom APIs

We offer custom API services to which you can instantly connect. API endpoints let you supercharge your wallet or any other DApps alike.

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Reporting Services

With dedicated reporting services, we ensure you stay ahead of the curve with minimum efforts. Stakin offers monthly, quarterly or yearly reporting for all networks.


SLA Agreements

We offer personalized service-level agreements (SLA) to ensure all metrics for the effectiveness of the process and results are correctly monitored and approved.

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We can help you navigate your questions concerning staking, security, and risk management.

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