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About us

Why Us?

Stakin is a devoted validation service provider for Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks. With our products, token holders can earn interests on their holdings and shape the future of the networks in which they believe. Our talented global team has a strong track record of outstanding execution in Network Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Finance. It is this combination of innovation, intellectual capital and diversity that enables us to provide distinct and effective services for our clients and partners.


Passionate about blockchain and Fintech. He believes in Proof-of-Stake as the most efficient public blockchain consensus mechanism. Has been building blockchain projects for the past 4 years, co-founded Trakx, a Consensys backed startup, and operates PoS nodes since 2018.
Co-Founder of Stakin, he enjoys taking on complex problems and is very keen on challenges. Before Stakin, he has acquired his experience working in AI Software Development teams and leading companies such as Robert Bosch Gmbh.
Marketing Specialist, emerging into the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. The excitement of the many possibilities is what drives her. Before Stakin, she used to work as a multifunctional marketer and sales professional in different markets.
Experienced professional in Fintech and crypto enthusiast. After being part of the early success of international money transfer startup Wise and helping restructure established brokerage company Admirals, he realised that the future of money is with blockchain and DeFi. At Stakin, Henri is in charge of structuring the company for future growth and ensuring to be compliant with financial regulations.
Got involved in blockchain after several years of experience working with hedge funds and family offices. Experienced in structuring fixed income and cryptocurrency products.
Golan was attracted to opportunities in the nascent crypto space following a career in derivatives trading, structuring and advisory in frontier markets. Inspired by the challenges of Defi, he draws on his experience in traditional finance to identify solutions to bridge the gap between these 2 worlds.
Super interested in experimental graphics and useful interfaces. Enjoys video games and Japan. An advocate of Fair and Green businesses. Previously on Altice and Bosch Portugal.
Experienced engineer in different industries and a variety of technologies. Enjoys building systems from scratch, creating component libraries, and re-architecting large codebases. At Stakin he is building tooling and applications on top of PoS blockchains.
Blockchain & Solidity developer with several years of experience in DLT tech. Passionate about decentralized finance.
A banker with years of experience in compliance, quality assurance, and social media. After discovering Cosmos Ecosystem he went down the rabbit hole and turned into a crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur.
Community Manager since September 2018, student in the field of cybersecurity. He got his start in the crypto world in 2016, he has done many things from being a HODLer to a trader. He actively studies and participates in technical and fundamental analysis.

Our guiding principles

We believe that blockchain will reshape the financial services industry, enabling billions of people to connect with each other and transfer value in a seamless manner. Yet, real-life use of blockchain technology is still limited.
For new mainstream applications to develop, a lot of work is still needed at the infrastructure level. Proof-of-Work has limitations in terms of scaling and energy efficiency. We believe that the future of blockchain lies in other consensus alternatives, such as Proof-of-Stake. Staking is the new mining, and any token holder can take part in this process by leveraging on us.
Blockchains have remained siloed for the past decade, which has limited scalability and created competing ecosystems that do not communicate with each other. It is our view that the future of blockchain also lies in interoperability protocols. That’s why we are big supporters of ecosystems such as Icon, Cosmos and Polkadot.
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