The DeBridge Protocol is an infrastructure platform to become the set standard for cross-chain interoperability and composability of smart contracts, cross-chain swaps, bridging arbitrary assets, interoperability, and bridging of NFTs. DeBridge enables developers to build cross-chain applications with a decentralized bridge infrastructure. Such applications will unlock many advantages for users, who can use optimized application-specific blockchains seamlessly, and easily transfer assets, liquidity, or data between chains. DeBridge is decentralized and operated by a set of selected validators. A network of independent oracles/validators chosen by deBridge governance powers the cross-chain intercommunication of deBridge smart contracts. Stakin has supported DeBridge since 2021 as a testnet validator and is one of the 9 first Mainnet validators. We use our experience as a staking provider on multiple blockchain networks to deploy a secure and reliable infrastructure for DeBridge. In order to provide a reliable infrastructure for DeBridge and contribute to decentralization, Stakin runs its own reliable RPC nodes to connect DeBridge with the cross-chain ecosystem, instead of relying on 3rd-party providers. As such, we run our own RPC nodes for all the chains covered by DeBridge, which include Ethereum, BSC, Heco, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum and Avalanche. To ensure maximum uptime for DeBridge cross-chain transactions, Stakin has set up 24/7 monitoring and alerting for both RPCs and the DeBridge node.

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