Stakin Announces its Participation in Initia Testnet


Jun 17, 2024

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Stakin Announces its Participation in Initia Testnet

We are excited to announce that Stakin is now supporting Initia by providing validation services and infrastructure on the Testnet.

By joining the Initia network in this latest Testnet phase, we are enhancing our capabilities to prepare our infrastructure and security processes for institutional-grade staking services on the upcoming Mainnet. As a validator, Stakin contributes to securing and future-proofing the network ahead of the Mainnet launch.

About Initia 

Initia is a modular blockchain network designed for interwoven rollups. It offers key features such as Universal Consistency and Guided Sovereignty, which enable scalable ecosystem development and a smoother developer experience.

  • Universal Consistency: Initia’s standardized architecture and product stack enable a unified one-chain experience across its modular ecosystem. Layer-2s (L2) built on Initia can easily communicate with each other, which avoids the fragmentation in liquidity that can happen in other modular ecosystems.
  • Guided Sovereignty: Initia’s rollup framework enables the customisation of application chains’ parameters to support different needs and use cases of application and Layer-2 blockchain developers. 

Initia's stack includes its Layer-1 network based on the CosmosSDK, where Stakin operates as a validator, and interwoven rollups connected to the Layer-1. The Minitia L2 protocols support several virtual machines (EVM, WasmVM, MoveVM), ensuring seamless connectivity and numerous development opportunities within the ecosystem.

Initia features several improvements in scalability through the bespoke high-performance Minitia L2 networks (500ms block time and 10,000+ TPS capability), enhanced security with its Enshrined Liquidity system, and strong ecosystem development incentives, such as the possibility of receiving value from economic activity derived from on-chain smart contract activities.

Learn more through Initia’s documentation

Our Role and Commitment

As a validator on the Initia Testnet Layer 1 network, Stakin plays a crucial role in maintaining network decentralization and security. Our responsibilities include validating transactions, producing blocks, and participating in network governance. The Initia Layer 1 serves as an orchestration layer, coordinating security, liquidity, routing, and interoperability across the interwoven rollups.

Initia is built on the CosmosSDK framework, which we have ample expertise in since we support more than 20 Cosmos ecosystem networks, with an ISO27001 audited non-custodial staking infrastructure and being one of the largest IBC ecosystem relayers.

Stakin's involvement in Initia pre-mainnet aligns with our mission to support the Cosmos ecosystem and innovative modular networks in order to enhance blockchain scalability.

Our participation in the Initia Testnet ensures that our infrastructure will be resilient and ready for our mainnet operations and our clients. By getting involved early as an Initia validator, we are preparing our infrastructure ahead of the Mainnet launch to ensure we operate with the level of enterprise-grade security and reliability that institutional stakers expect.

About Stakin 

Stakin is a non-custodial infrastructure provider for Proof-of-Stake blockchains. Stakin serves institutional stakers, foundations, custodians, and exchanges, as well as a large community of individual token holders.

Stakin provides services on 40+ blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana, Polygon, Near, and more. More than 50,000+ delegators have trusted Stakin with over $2 billion in staked assets.

Get to know more about our future services for Initia

Contact our team for more information on how you can benefit from our staking services for the Initia network. Beyond public validator services, we operate a range of institutional-grade staking services, including Dedicated and Whitelabel nodes and Web3 infrastructure such as RPC endpoints and cross-chain connectivity services.

For more details about our services and participation in other blockchain networks, visit Stakin.

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