Overview of SUI's Gaming Ecosystem


Jul 11, 2024

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Overview of SUI's Gaming Ecosystem

One of the most promising blockchain verticals revolves around gaming. In the case of Sui, the gaming ecosystem around the network is growing quite fast, especially as the highly anticipated SuiPlay0X1 device rolls out next year. 

In this article, we will cover some popular Sui games, how to play them, some upcoming game launches on the horizon, and the future outlook for Sui gaming.

Final Stardust: Cosmic Nexus

SUI Blockchain Game Final Stardust: Cosmic Nexus - Illustration

Developed by NourSaiFR, Final Stardust: Cosmic Nexus is a fast-paced digital collectible card game with the casual gamer in mind. You'll notice some stark similarities if you've ever played Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh. After purchasing it, you can download the game from Steam for about $9. It's only compatible with Windows and was just released on June 24th.

Final Stardust: Cosmic Nexus - Game User Interface

In the sense that Yu-Gi-Oh had spell cards, one unique feature about this game is that it only has monster cards. After placing them in each lane to summon them, they'll attack whatever is in the lane. You can also experience some Pokemon-like evolution effects by stacking a monster on a slot already occupied by a monster. 

The campaign is similar to early Yu-Gi-Oh games, where you face off against an opponent after choosing a character to play with. Once you've beaten them in a best-of-three battle, you level up and get coins for card packs and stardust to create more of the cards you already have. 

Users can purchase Profire avatars on TradePort or Hyperspace. However, they have no real use in-game. A new collection of avatars will be introduced to utilize them in-game. Look for that and stay updated on the team's Medium publication.


Bushi - SUI blockchain network game banner

Bushi is an action-adventure game set in a vibrant, mythical world inspired by ancient Japanese culture. You can download the game after installing HyperPlay, ensuring you are running Windows. Within the game, players assume the role of Bushi, a skilled samurai, on a quest to restore peace and honor. The storyline follows his journey through forests, mountains, and villages, battling evil forces to protect sacred artifacts and avenge his fallen master.

The game's narrative is deeply rooted in themes of honor, duty, and redemption. Bushi encounters various characters, from wise mentors to formidable foes. The player's choices significantly impact the story, leading to multiple endings and a personalized gameplay experience.

Bushi - SUI blockchain game user interface

Mechanically, Bushi offers a blend of fast-paced combat and strategic gameplay. Players master various weapons and fighting styles, incorporating stealth elements and a deep progression system for skills and equipment. The game also features a crafting system, enhancing gear with resources gathered from the environment. Additionally, players can purchase a Battlepass NFT that enhances the experience, unlocking 70 levels of rewards and more than 20 in-game items.


Panzerdogs SUI blockchain network - SUI game interface

Developed by Lucky Kat Studios, Panzerdogs is a desktop and mobile PvP tank brawler game that utilizes the Sui network for in-game assets. Within the game, you can recruit cadets and craft the ultimate tank to take to battle and eliminate opponents in team deathmatch events. As you battle with other players, you can level up and unlock new parts for your tank.

Panzerdogs - NFT game tank detail

Of the in-game assets available for use, users can purchase tanks, Panzerdog recruits, and Panzer merch on Tradeport or Hyperspace. Owning these avatars gives in-game benefits, such as free access to gated tournaments and a premium version of a seasonal battle pass. You can read the whitepaper for more details on future holder benefits.

Another neat component is that you can access custom in-game abilities by merging two Panzerdog NFT avatars with a "Cyber Pill NFT," resulting in a Cyberdog NFT. The Cyberdog will have special abilities depending on its breed that can be used in-game.


Also developed by Lucky Kat Studios, Cosmocadia is a mobile fantasy game using the Sui blockchain for playable NFTs. Users can purchase the different Cosmocadia avatar NFTs on Tradeport or Hyperspace, with a floor price of about 83 SUI at the time of writing. Additionally, users can buy island NFTs, with a current floor price of about 62 SUI.

Cosmocadia - Avatar NFT on SUI figure detail

Cosmocadia takes place in a fantasy world called Cosmocadia, where your main objective is to build out your island from the ground up. Playable on iOS and Android devices, after signing up, you can start crafting new items, build new lands, and start to develop a fantasy island.

Cosmocadia - Mobile User Interface

If you purchase one of the NFTs, you can play with the character in-game and be granted some neat in-game perks. Being an avatar holder will give you benefits such as airdrops of in-game items, tokens ($KOBAN), and more. Landholders will also get access to special Cosmocadia islands with unique resources.

The rarer your NFT avatar is, the more benefits it has in-game. Rarity affects the production time of appliances, the growth time of crops, the number of items generated, and much more. Land expands the Cosmocadia map, allowing you to explore new biomes and gather resources otherwise unavailable.


If you've been seeing messages in your Sui Wallet upon loading it up, you've likely encountered an advertisement for DoubleUp. DoubleUp prides itself on building the premier casino for the Sui network.

DoubleUp - Blackjack game user interface - SUI blockchain gaming

Besides Blackjack, users can connect their Sui wallet and play several games, such as Plinko, Roulette, Limbo, or Coinflip. The platform also includes a token creation tool called "Pumpup," which allows users to create a new token on Sui within the platform.

DoubleUp - Lottery on SUI blockchain network

The platform also features a lottery ticket system called SuiLotto, with grand prizes fetching as much as 58,000 SUI. Users can purchase tickets for 2 SUI and use them for Sui Lotto or the new BlastOff platform, where users can also buy tickets to potentially become one of the last twenty seated players to split a final prize pool aboard a fantasy rocket ship.

Want to explore the SUI ecosystem? Learn more in the article Riding the Wave: a look into the SUI Ecosystem

Future Outlook of Sui Gaming

While we have yet to cover other fun games like Haven's Compass, Run Legends, and more, you can see the full games directory on Sui in Sui Directory. Many exciting games, such as The Wake, Chronos Worlds, Unchained Esports, Abyss World, E4C: Final Salvation, and more, have yet to be released. Equally exciting is the future of how you'll be able to play these games come 2025, with the highly anticipated release of SuiPlay0X1

One of the more overlooked aspects of gaming on Sui is the unconventional nature of the Sui blockchain. We may overlook most blockchain gaming models, but there's a limitation with how far you can go with the underlying technology. This is because blockchains, besides Sui, typically use an account-centric model. That means all operations, storage, and transactions are handled through this account model. 

Sui, on the other hand, uses objects for everything. We covered this topic in further depth here. Objects can be created, mutated, and even deleted. When you delete an object as a Sui user, you receive a "storage rebate." Because validators no longer need to store an object after it's been deleted, the cost associated with storing that object is rebated back to you, the user. This is neat because it recently allowed the introduction of something called "dynamic NFTs." 

One of blockchain's most important development aims is regaining and keeping composability. Composability is the ability of different components and protocols within a blockchain ecosystem to interact and work together seamlessly. It allows different smart contracts, dApps, and protocols to interoperate and build upon each other's functionality.

You may not think about how this might be possible in something like NFTs. However, SUI's object model for asset and storage representation flips traditional account-centric models upside down. A prime example we witnessed showcasing this composability was Suilend. In June, Suilend introduced a feature called "Account NFTs," freely transferable dynamic NFTs representing a user's Suilend account.

The game changer about these NFTs is they represent a user's borrowing/lending positions on the platform. Imagine having an in-game character that's a dynamic NFT on Sui with its own Suilend position, playable in-game. For instance, the Panzerdog avatar you own could also be used to earn interest on Suilend while still being able to use it in-game each time you play. These implications for in-game economies are only possible on Sui.

Learn more about SUI gaming and development on the Play Beyong Sui page.

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