How to Stake SAGA with Keplr Wallet


Apr 09, 2024

4 min read

How to Stake SAGA with Keplr Wallet

This is a quick and easy guide on staking SAGA with Keplr wallet.

The SAGA protocol was designed to streamline the creation of application-specific blockchains. SAGA simplifies the launch of bespoke blockchains, called "Chainlets," by leveraging a model of shared security in managing validator activities and a streamlined process for deploying blockchains. This makes the process of deploying smart contracts very straightforward.

Keplr is an open-source web app, mobile application, and browser extension wallet that supports the Cosmos interchain ecosystem.

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Step 1 - Connect your Keplr wallet to SAGA Protocol

Ensure you are logged in to your Keplr wallet (this assumes you already have a Keplr wallet account. If you don't have a Keplr wallet account yet, you can download Keplr wallet from and then follow this quick and easy tutorial on how to set up your Keplr wallet account).

Next, visit:

Click "Approve" to add SAGA blockchain to Keplr.

Step 2 - Fund your Keplr wallet 

Before you stake SAGA tokens, you must top up your Keplr wallet. You can purchase your SAGA on any centralized exchange (CEX), such as Binance or Bybit, or swap from another token using a decentralized exchange (DEX), such as Osmosis Swap. In this instance, we recommend topping up your wallet with a centralized exchange.

Go to:

Deposit your SAGA tokens from your centralized exchange account to your Keplr wallet by clicking the "Deposit" button under the Stake tab on Keplr's dashboard.

Copy your Keplr wallet address and paste it on Binance (or any other centralized exchange from which you buy your SAGA tokens) to transfer your SAGA tokens from Binance to Keplr.

Step 3 - Stake your SAGA tokens

You have connected your Keplr wallet to the Saga blockchain, then topped up your Keplr wallet with SAGA tokens from a centralized or a decentralized exchange. You are now ready to stake your SAGA tokens.

Make sure you are still located on

Locate Saga's staking dashboard by typing “Saga” in the Search Chains textbox in the upper left corner.

After selecting SAGA, you will see the following dashboard preview.

To proceed, click the "Stake" button.

Next, select Stakin from the list of available validators by typing “Stakin'' in the Search validator search box.

On the newly opened popup, click “Stake”. Next, fill out the number of SAGA you would like to stake and click “Stake” once again.

A new popup will prompt you to sign the staking transaction on-chain. Check the transaction details and select “Approve.”

Congratulations - You have staked your SAGA tokens with Stakin. You will soon start seeing your staking awards being accrued. For SAGA, the rewards are distributed with every block, roughly every 6 seconds.

Why stake your SAGA with Stakin?

Because of our network expertise. Stakin has been a SAGA network operator since 2023 testnets, and a Genesis Mainnet operator since April 2024. We are also one of the most active Cosmos ecosystem contributors with a long-standing track record of highly reliable operations on Cosmos SDK blockchains.

Because of our enterprise-grade staking services. We distribute our servers across various locations and partner with premier bare metal and cloud providers. We also provide Institutional-grade SLAs with uptime and slashing guarantees.

Because you contribute to decentralization. By delegating to Stakin, you contribute to network decentralization by choosing a smaller validator.

SAGA staking for institutional investors

As an institutional-grade Saga node operator, Stakin has a full range of staking services and advantages to cater to the needs of enterprises and investors, such as asset managers, company treasuries, exchanges, VCs and hedge funds, wallets, custodians and liquid staking services (you can view our full list of custom services for SAGA institutional stakers, on our SAGA staking page):

  • Institutional grade SLAs with 99.5%+ uptime guarantees and slashing guarantees
  • Integration with custodians, such as Fireblocks (via raw signing)
  • Dedicated Account Manager to answer all your technical and commercial questions
  • Information about potential airdrops that you may be eligible for by staking with us so that stakers can maximize your staking yield
  • Whitelabel and dedicated nodes with dedicated infrastructure which can be deployed in your preferred region to fit decentralization or compliance needs
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting with a private dashboard for dedicated and whitelabel nodes

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. Staking, delegation, and cryptocurrencies involve a high degree of risk, and there is always the possibility of loss, including the failure of all staked digital assets. Additionally, delegators are at risk of slashing in case of security or liveness faults on some protocols. We advise you to do your due diligence before choosing a validator.

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