fb Stakin / Powerledger Validator


APR 4.5%
Fees 3 %
Public key(s)
Etherscan >
Market Cap $66,001,685 Price$0.154
RewardsStaking rewards are fixed per epoch, which is around 2 – 3 days
APR 4.5%
Lock-up period2 day warm-up period, 7 days cool-down period when unstaking
CompoundingAutomated, the rewards accrue on the stake account address and earn more rewards
Slashing riskNo automated slashing implemented yet, case-by-case manual slashing in case of malicious behavior from the validator
Learn about Powerledger (POWR)
Powerledger is a Solana-based permissioned blockchain platform that allows for (P2P) energy tracking and trading, as well as environmental commodity trading. Because it is based on Solana, Powerledger scales up to 50,000+ TPS with little energy consumption. The chain aims to lead the global democratization of the energy market by offering a distributed system for renewables. It allows users to fulfill their energy needs, trade, track, and audit information. Powerledger's Proof-of-Stake Energy Blockchain enables the company to build and scale energy projects all over the world, processing more than 50,000 energy transactions per second. Stake your POWR to help secure Powerledger's Energy Blockchain, allowing you to participate in renewable energy transactions and earn rewards.
stakinWhy stake with us?
Stakin has been an early supporter of the Solana blockchain ecosystem and is dedicated to the long-term growth of Solana and Solana-based blockchains. • Research on stake pools to further decentralize the network • Continuous contact with Powerledger team for support and further development • By delegating to Stakin, you contribute to network decentralization by choosing a smaller validator • We offer dedicated support for all your staking, unstaking, and network-related questions
How to stake Powerledger (POWR)?
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