The Initia Layer-1 is a modular blockchain that integrates Layer-2 application-specific infrastructure to create a network of interwoven rollups. Initia Layer-1 is the base blockchain layer and orchestration layer used to coordinate network security, consensus, interoperability, governance, liquidity, and cross-chain messaging. Minitia Layer-2 rollups or mini Initia are L2 rollup protocols deployed via the Initia base chain that are custom-tailored Cosmos SDK rollups which can be EVM, WasmVM, or MoveVM compatible. Initia's architecture combining L1, L2, and communication layers allows developers to easily launch blockchains on L2 without complex chain-level infrastructure or the need to run validator sets. Projects can design their own economy and UX, implementing native stablecoin and multi-chain bridging, and much more. For more information on future developments, delegating INIT, or Stakin, have a look at our socials and website. If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact information below.

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