fb Stakin / Cosmos Validator


APR 21.21%
Fees 5.00 %
Public key(s)
Market Cap $4,180,651,277 Price$14.29
RewardsEvery block (~6 seconds)
APR 21.21%
Lock-up period21 days
CompoundingManual restake by delegator or via a third-party restake application. • The delegator must claim and restake manually; • the delegator can use compatible third-party restake applications for automatic restaking.
Slashing risk• Downtime slashing (liveness fault): 0.01% of ATOMs slashed. It happens when the validator is down for approximately 10,000 blocks (about 16 hours). • Double sign slashing: 5% of ATOMs slashed. It happens if the validator tries to validate the same block twice (malicious behavior or poor set-up).
Learn about Cosmos (ATOM)
Cosmos, the internet of blockchains, is an inter-chain ecosystem on which blockchains can quickly scale and interoperate. Cosmos is a complete ecosystem of tools for constructing interoperable application-specific chains. Its main components are the SDK (Cosmos Software Development Kit), Tendermint, the IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol), and the Cosmos Hub. All blockchains built on Tendermint and the Cosmos tech stack can communicate and exchange assets and data thanks to the IBC. The Cosmos Hub is the main Cosmos blockchain, and other Cosmos SDK blockchains can communicate with it through IBC. ATOM is the native token of the Cosmos Hub blockchain; it can be used for trading, staking, and governance.
stakinWhy stake with us?
Stakin has strong expertise running validators for Cosmos and Cosmos SDK blockchains: • Cosmos blockchain node operator since cosmoshub-1, which launched in March 2019. • Stakin supports 20+ Cosmos networks and is dedicated to the development of the ecosystem. • Game of Zones and Game of Chains participant, testing key features such as IBC and IBC relayers. • As a community contribution, Stakin provides public RPC nodes and IBC Relayers connecting the IBC ecosystem of networks together. • By delegating to Stakin, you contribute to network decentralization by choosing a smaller validator. • We offer dedicated support for all your staking, unstaking, and network-related questions.
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