Chromia is a Layer-1 relational blockchain that allows to build and deploy dApps suitable for mass-scale and real-world use cases. Chromia distinguishes itself from other blockchains by storing dApp data in a distributed set of relational databases which enables dApps to efficiently index, manipulate, and conduct complex queries directly on the chain. Each dApp runs on its own blockchain, hosted in an isolated container with dedicated resources on multiple nodes. The chain architecture is designed in a way that dApps won't cause network congestion and high throughput is maintained, meaning that transactions are always confirmed within ~1 second. Chromia allows dApps to implement their own revenue models depending on their use case, such as paid subscriptions, freemium, subsidization, or paying for individual transactions. dApps also benefit from a predictable hosting fee that resembles traditional cloud hosting while staying fully decentralized. While Chromia is not EVM-compatible, it comes with an extensive EVM interoperability framework that allows it to bridge tokens, events, and data between other EVM chains. The new language-driven programming language Rell makes the development quick and easy.

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