The Stakin Bi-Weekly Newsletter Vol. 52

Aug 15, 2022

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The Stakin Bi-Weekly Newsletter Vol. 52

It’s been a couple of eventful weeks in the blockchain space once again. Therefore, we’re breaking down some of the highlights in this latest version of our newsletter. In this weeks’ news:

  • Regen Network Ledger V4 Upgrade
  • Stakin Is MEV Ready!
  • Stakin Joins Lido on Solana
  • Solana Off-Chain Store
  • Polygon Distribution of Staking Rewards Update

Regen Network Ledger V4 Upgrade

Last week, Regen Network introduced the long awaited Regen V4 Ledger upgrade, with the aim of making the protocol the main ReFi (Regenerative Finance) chain. The upgrade introduces marketplace functionality as a submodule within the ecocredit module that supports a storefront model for buying and selling credits. Additionally, on-chain projects are now supported by the ecocredit module, thus allowing on-the-ground projects to provide ecosystem services that will be represented on-chain.

The Regen community is able to submit proposals to add allowed denoms following the V4 upgrade. Proposal 13 sets the guidelines for evaluating future governance proposals to enable specific currencies in Regen Network's marketplace.

Stakin is MEV Ready!

In anticipation of the Ethereum Merge, Stakin is now MEV ready. In a nutshell, the MEV is the value that is extractable by miners and searchers from smart contracts as cryptocurrency profits It is estimated that the implementation of the MEV could increase delegators’ revenue by approximately 50%. Thus, we ensured our infrastructure is ready for the Ethereum Merge and MEV to benefit from this.

Stakin Joins Lido on Solana

We’re thrilled to announce that Stakin has been onboarded as a new node operator for Lido on Solana, to enhance the decentralization further and suppor the protocol’s development. As part of Lido’s continued effort to decentralize the Lido on Solana protocol, Lido conducted an open onboarding application and evaluation round beginning in May  2022 for the inclusion of additional Node Operators into the Lido on Solana operator set.

Following the evaluation of 45 applications by the Lido Node Operator Subgovernance Group (LNOSG), a cohort consisting of 5 operators was shortlisted and sent to the DAO for approval, which was finalized and approved via snapshot on July 12th 2022.  Stakin is excited to be a part of the operators and is looking forward to participating on Lido even more.

Stakin Joins The Lido on Solana Selected Operator Set
Stakin is thrilled to be part of the Lido on Solana selected operator set.

Solana Off-Chain Store

According to Decrypt, Solana is set to open their first “in real life” store in New York.  The new store, Solana Spaces, is being opened in Hudson Yards and is being sponsored by the Solana Foundation, which created the blockchain network of the same name.

Polygon Distribution of Staking Rewards Update

On July 30th, Polygon announced the adjustment in the distribution of staking rewards according to their previously set-out staking rewards theory. Rewards have now entered Year 3, where they should have been around ~6.75% APR assuming 40% staked. As Year 2 rewards were slightly higher, Year 3 have been adjusted. For all the information, see here.


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