Stakin To Operate Validator On Archway


Jul 03, 2023

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Stakin To Operate Validator On Archway

It’s with great excitement that we can share Stakin’s participation as a Mainnet validator for Archway. Stakin has been involved in early Testnet phases of the blockchain and supporting RPC relayers. Archway is a Layer-1 blockchain solution that allows developers to earn rewards based on their contributions to the network. By introducing incentives for smart contracts, Archway effectively aligns the interests of decentralized applications (DApps) and the blockchain itself, thereby fostering a more robust ecosystem.

The blockchain offers several technical optimizations, including a comprehensive WebAssembly implementation, a Web3-compatible API, and native blockchain bridges that facilitate seamless cross-chain communication. Through Archway's value capture model, developers can enjoy a substantial ownership stake, affording them a more influential role in on-chain governance decisions.

Validators play a vital role in safeguarding the network by letting delegators earn rewards through staking their $ARCH tokens, contributing to security and ecosystem growth. By employing this approach, Archway establishes a sustainable ecosystem that encourages innovation and benefits all participants involved.

Stakin Validator: archwayvaloper1968axqhgdcmyc8xypw53v0092gld8pmqawdapr

Stakin has been a trusted validator for the Cosmos Hub and its chains since cosmoshub-1 launched in March 2019. We’re currently supporting over 20 blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem. Besides validator services, we offer features such as Stakin Pro, a staking tracking dashboard, API services, IBC relayers, and RPC Nodes. About Stakin’s participation in Archway, CEO and Co-Founder Edouard Lavidalle:

“What makes Archway so interesting is its unique economic model and the way in which the blockchain has been designed to motivate developers and creators to contribute to the protocol. Being built on the Cosmos SDK protocol ensures compatibility with the overall Cosmos/IBC ecosystem, positioning itself as a crucial hub for developing and distributing interconnected Dapps”.

Stakin looks forward to continuing our support for the network and expanding the Cosmos ecosystem.

  • Learn more about staking $ARCH with Stakin here.

About Stakin

Stakin is an infrastructure operator for Proof-of-Stake (PoS) public blockchains, offering non-custodial delegation services. The company enables PoS cryptocurrency holders to earn interest on their holdings and participate in decentralized governance while remaining in possession of their cryptocurrencies.

Stakin serves institutional crypto players, foundations, custodians, exchanges, and a large community of retail token holders. Driven by institutional customers and community demand, Stakin provides services for multiple blockchains, including leading ecosystems such as Cosmos, Solana, Polygon, Sui, Ethereum, and more.

For more information about Stakin, visit the Website, Twitter, Blog, or join the Telegram and Discord community.

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. Staking, delegation, and cryptocurrencies involve a high degree of risk, and there is always the possibility of loss, including the failure of all staked digital assets. Additionally, delegators are at risk of slashing in case of security or liveness faults on some protocols. We advise you to do your due diligence before choosing a validator.

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