Stakin is live on ZetaChain Mainnet


Jan 30, 2024

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Stakin is live on ZetaChain Mainnet

We at Stakin are proud to announce our role as the early infrastructure operator for ZetaChain, our active involvement with ZetaChain began on March 23, when we started running the testnet. Since then, we've been deeply engaged in regular updates and improvements for the network, a journey that has taken us from the early testnet stages to this crucial mainnet phase

Since its introduction in 2021, ZetaChain has been standing out for its unique capabilities. As a Layer 1 blockchain, it facilitates seamless interactions across various blockchain networks, including those traditionally without smart contract functionalities like Bitcoin. This breakthrough in bridging disparate crypto environments enables a multi-chain ecosystem where users and developers can harness the strengths of various blockchains.

Built on the Cosmos SDK and utilizing Tendermint Consensus, ZetaChain functions as a decentralized, Proof-of-Stake network.

Our Role and Contribution 

Stakin’s active participation in the ZetaChain community includes technical support along with key governance decisions, contributing to over 80% of the proposals and helping steer the network's strategic direction. Our team's dedication to maintaining a reliable network is evident in our consistent 99%+ uptime record. Communication has been a two-way street; we've made it a priority to promptly address all inquiries and discussions initiated by the ZetaChain team. The open communication has also allowed us to provide specific feedback from our testing experience, directly influencing improvements and smoothing the pathway to the mainnet launch. Through these efforts, Stakin has shown a deep commitment to maintaining and improving the ZetaChain community's strength and knowledge base. We have also been integral in cross-chain transaction (CCTX) testing and in evaluating the functionality

To learn more about ZetaChain and our journey with the new blockchain, we invite you to read our introductory article, which provides a deeper insight into how ZetaChain is enhancing blockchain interactions: Read here.

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