Stakin Bi-Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 46


Apr 16, 2022

6 min read

Stakin Bi-Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 46

First, let us wish all of our readers a lovely Easter holiday! In this handy overview, we gathered the latest proof-of-stake ecosystem news and the latest updates about Stakin for you. So, let’s get to it!

  • Stakin Hosts Staking Workshop at NFT Tallinn
  • New Team Member Joins the Stakin Team!
  • Stakin visits Paris Blockchain Week Summit
  • Stakin to Discontinue ICON Lossless Lottery
  • Cybernews Interview with Stakin CEO Edouard Lavidalle

Stakin Hosts Staking Workshop at NFT Tallinn

On the 6th of April 2022, Stakin’s COO Henri Allik joined the very-first NFT Tallinn conference! It was a wonderful day with lots to learn, great speakers, and more. But that’s not all; Stakin was honored to be able to share more information on the importance of utilizing staking for Proof-of-Stake during our 1-hour workshop. We’d like to thank the NFT Tallinn team for having us and everyone who joined during the seminar for participating. See you next year!

New Team Member Joins The Stakin Team

We’re excited to announce that our team has just become a bit bigger with the addition of our brand-new Blockchain Cloud Engineer Hugin; he’ll be working together with our development team on upcoming projects, running our nodes, and much more! We’re glad to have him on board and continue our journey together.

Stakin Visits Paris Blockchain Week Summit

With thanks to our friends over at Blockdeamon and BlockFi, Stakin’s CEO and Co-Founder Edouard Lavidalle joined the Paris Blockchain Week Summit and enjoyed a casual evening of networking and, most importantly, having fun with the community.

Stakin To Discontinue ICON Lossless Lottery

This is a quick reminder that Stakin will discontinue the ICON Lossless Lottery development on from the 1st of May 2022! We’d like to ask all participants to deactivate any active tickets promptly! For all the information on the decision to discontinue the ICON Lossless Lottery, you can visit our blog (via the link below).

Stakin ICON Lossless Lottery DApp Announcement
Stakin announces ICON Lossless Lottery DApp will be discontinued, to focus on ICON Network and other PoS network’s node operations.

Cybernews Interview with Stakin CEO Edouard Lavidalle

In other news, Stakin’s CEO and Co-Founder Edouard Lavidalle was interviewed by regarding the current state of the blockchain, the role of staking within the ecosystem, and, of course, the importance of looking out for threats. Have a look at the article below.

Stakin Interview with Cybernews
Stakin’s CEO and Co-Founder Edoaurd Lavidalle was interviewed by Cybernews about staking and the future of blockchain.

We’re glad to be able to share all the recent updates about Stakin with you, and we’re confident that there will be many more to come. For now, let’s look at the Proof-of-Stake ecosystem news of the last two weeks.  

  • Crescent Network launches Mainnet
  • Cosmos Ecosystem Theta Upgrade & Interchain Accounts
  • Juno Halt and Updates
  • Kava Network Ethereum Co-Chain BETA is Live!
  • deBridge launches on Avalanche
  • P2P to run Lido on Solana

Crescent Network Launches Mainnet

This week, we welcomed another excellent network to the Cosmos Ecosystem. Crescent Network; an inter-blockchain DeFi Hub, successfully launched its Mainnet on the 14th of April. Stakin is thrilled to be part of the Crescent validators list and is excited about a bright future. For all information and see if you’re eligible for airdrop, have a look here.

Cosmos Ecosystem Theta Upgrade & Interchain Accounts

It was a big week for the Cosmos Ecosystem, with lots happening. But two of the most noteworthy news updates that we can’t skip over are the Theta upgrade and the Interchain Accounts. So, let's start with the Interchain Accounts; IBC-enabled blockchains can now do even more than just connect and transfer tokens.  The entire blockchain will be able to control accounts on separate chains. Instead of users simply transferring tokens and following them across chains, Interchain Accounts will provide access to all IBC-enabled Cosmos chains from one Cosmos Hub account. The first step of implementation for these accounts is the Theta upgrade, launched on the 13th of April. The Theta Upgrade is the first major stepping stone to an entirely new universe of interoperability.

For more information about the upgrade or the Interchain Accounts, see the articles here and here.

Juno Halt and Updates

It has been a tumultuous couple of weeks for the Juno Chain and its community. What started with Proposal 16; a proposal to decide the fate of a Whale on the Juno Chain, which was intended to take all Juno stored in the Whale's wallet, leave it at 50k Juno, the cap set for the Juno drop, and send the remaining to the Juno community pool. Continued with the Juno-1 Mainnet halt on block 2578108 right before Proposal 17, phase 1 of the Lupercalia Upgrade, could happen. After a significant amount of downtime, the Juno Team and the validators of the ecosystem were eventually able to get everything back up and running successfully. After which, on April 8th, the Lupercalia Upgrade was completed.

Proposal 16 passed with a 98% turnout, the highest in the history of blockchain governance. With 40.8% voting yes, 33.7% voting no. 21.7% chose to abstain, while 3.5% vetoed.

The whale has now posted Prop 18 in the hope of finding settlement. Stakin as a validator has voted NO to this proposal as we feel the community would rather stick to the results of Prop 16. If you’d like to learn more about the Juno Whale, listen to the Unchained Podcast below.

Kava Network Ethereum Co-Chain BETA is Live!

The Ethereum Co-Chain Beta is now live on the Kava Network, according to a tweet from the company on Wednesday. The Ethereum Co-Chain includes an upgraded Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) infrastructure, increased stability with additional validators, and over 20 protocols ready to deploy on the network. The Kava team announced in a separate post on Friday that the Ethereum Co-Chain Mainnet would go live on May 10, 2022.

deBridge Launches on Avalanche

The Cosmos Ecosystem wasn’t the only ecosystem keeping busy over the last few weeks. DeBridge partnered up with Avalanche, making the Avalanche network the 6th supported network for the chain. Avalanche has been experiencing vast growth, and it is exciting to see  more cross-chain opportunities being brought to protocols and applications within the ecosystem. For all the details on implementation and more, look at the full article here.

P2P To Run Lido on Solana

In other news, on the 13th of April, P2P announced that they have taken ownership of Lido on Solana, thus becoming the newest team in charge of growth and development with the goal to build out the project in alignment with Lido and Solana’s values. Liquid staking allows participants to earn staking rewards without locking their assets or maintaining the necessary infrastructure. Lido's liquid staking token for Solana is stSOl. It enables users to earn staking rewards while also participating in DeFi protocols simultaneously. stSOL can also be exchanged for SOL at any time, allowing users to instantly unstake their tokens without waiting for the cooldown. You can find more info here.

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. Staking, delegation, and cryptocurrencies involve a high degree of risk, and there is always the possibility of loss, including the failure of all staked digital assets. Additionally, delegators are at risk of slashing in case of security or liveness faults on some protocols. We advise you to do your due diligence before choosing a validator.


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