Stakin Begins Validator Operations on Berachain Testnet


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Jan 11, 2024

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Stakin Begins Validator Operations on Berachain  Testnet

We are excited to announce that we have officially started our validator operations on the Berachain Public Testnet. This initiative marks our continued commitment to supporting and contributing to innovative blockchain networks.

Berachain stands out as an open-source, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchain network, engineered to be one of the most robust, rapid, and liquidity-rich networks in the ecosystem with DeFi in focus. Berachain's key characteristics

Proof-of-Liquidity Consensus
A unique aspect of Berachain is its Proof-of-Liquidity consensus mechanism. This approach ensures that transactions on the network are fluid, secure, and reliable. It upholds the network's integrity and provides a stable and efficient environment, which is particularly crucial in the world of DeFi where transaction speed and reliability are paramount.

Cross-Chain Interoperability
Berachain's infrastructure is further enhanced by the integration of the Cosmos-SDK and Tendermint. This integration allows for a formidable infrastructure capable of cross-chain interoperability. It enables developers to create decentralized applications (DApps) that interact seamlessly with various blockchain ecosystems, thus fostering a more interconnected and versatile blockchain landscape.

Polaris: Enhancing EVM Compatibility on Cosmos
In March 2023, Berachain announced the development of Polaris VM. This in-house project is designed to enhance the EVM compatibility on Cosmos significantly. With Polaris, the porting of Ethereum-based applications to Berachain is simplified, maintaining a familiar and efficient development environment. This development is shown to be in alignment with providing a user-friendly platform that aligns with the needs and preferences of the developer community.

Stakin's Role in the Berachain Ecosystem
As Stakin begins validator operations on Berachain, we are eager to bring our expertise in infrastructure services to this innovative network. Our participation in Berachain's journey is a partnership as an infrastructure operator to explore and expand the possibilities within the ecosystem. We believe that our involvement in Berachain will be pivotal in shaping the future of blockchain technology and decentralized finance.

Explore Berachain Further
For those who are interested in exploring the technicalities and potential of Berachain, we encourage you to visit their GitHub repository: Berachain GitHub. This repository is a rich resource for understanding the depth and scope of what Berachain offers.

Stay Updated with Stakin
Follow us on Twitter at @Stakin for the latest updates on how we're contributing to Berachain's journey. We are committed to keeping our community informed and engaged as we embark on this exciting new partnership.

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