Stake from Fireblocks with Stakin Dashboard


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Jan 18, 2024

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Stake from Fireblocks with Stakin Dashboard

Managing secure staking operations across multiple networks is complex. Stakin dashboard enables institutions and stakers to effortlessly track their cryptocurrency holdings and stake to a reliable validator. It offers a real-time and historical overview of portfolio and staked assets across more than 30 blockchain networks, with detailed reporting of staking rewards and earnings. Beyond tracking and reporting, the dashboard integrates non-custodial staking directly using institutional custody providers such as Fireblocks.

Expand Fireblocks Staking Potential

In this first direct-to-stake iteration, we introduce the integration of Fireblocks, a custodial enterprise crypto management platform used primarily by institutions to store and secure their assets on a larger scale.

Considering the limited offer for staking options on Fireblocks, on our dashboard, we now provide additional networks so, instead of just storing tokens, you can also stake them and earn rewards with tokens stored in your custody vaults.

Stakin Dashboard allows you to:

  • Monitor wallet addresses and custody vaults, track balances, and earned staking rewards
  • Access guides and tutorials to stake and learn about Proof-of-Stake networks
  • View historical data and wallet balances, with last month’s data available for free
  • Generate detailed monthly reports of staking rewards and earnings
  • Stake cryptocurrencies securely using institutional custody services such as Fireblocks within the Dashboard

On Stakin Dashboard you can now stake the supported networks:

  • Cosmos-based Networks: Axelar, Celestia, Cosmos, DYDX and Terra
  • NEAR
  • Polygon
  • Solana

*Want to stake on another network not yet supported by Fireblocks? Contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.

Why Choose Stakin Dashboard?

At Stakin, we prioritize your wallet and your ease. Our pricing is the most competitive when staking via Fireblocks, ensuring you get top value without the hefty fees. Plus, our dashboard is all about simplicity. Stake your cryptocurrencies in a few clicks, experiencing a hassle-free, intuitive staking journey. With Stakin, smart staking doesn't have to be complicated.

How to access the Fireblocks staking feature?

To access the Fireblocks staking feature on our dashboard, all you have to do is contact us at We will help you set up your Fireblocks account and answer any questions you have.

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