Introducing Stakin Vault on StakeWise V3: Stake ETH with 0% Commission



Dec 19, 2023

5 min read

Introducing Stakin Vault on StakeWise V3: Stake ETH with 0% Commission

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Stakin Vault on StakeWise V3, a significant step in enhancing Ethereum staking. This integration signifies our commitment to evolving our services and providing you with advanced staking solutions.

With Stakin Vault on StakeWise V3, you gain access to a range of benefits including zero commission fees, enhanced security, and an intuitive staking experience. Whether you’re a seasoned staker or new to the world of Ethereum, the platform is designed to cater to your needs.

Stay with us as we explore the features of StakeWise, detail the advantages of staking with Stakin Vault, and guide you on how to be a part of this enhanced experience.

Introduction to StakeWise V3

StakeWise V3 is a DeFi protocol that simplifies the process of staking ETH. It offers a straightforward and secure way for users to not only stake their ETH but also engage in additional yield-generating activities using osETH, a liquid staking token.

Highlights of StakeWise V3

  • User-Centric Staking: Whether you're an individual staker or represent a larger entity like a fund or DAO, StakeWise V3 is designed to meet a variety of staking needs. It's ideal for those looking for a simple yet efficient way to stake their ETH.
  • Innovative Staking Marketplace: A standout feature of StakeWise V3 is its staking marketplace. This allows you to choose your own node operators, enhance your staking profits, reduce risks, and enjoy the flexibility of staking solo – all while keeping your assets liquid.
  • Customizable Staking Pools: StakeWise V3 offers tools for creating tailor-made staking pools. This is particularly useful for communities and businesses looking to offer staking services, providing their users with osETH, a token that's integrated into a wide utility ecosystem.
  • The osETH Token: osETH is at the heart of the StakeWise ecosystem. It's a liquid staking token that offers slashing protection and accrues yield from a diversified pool of node operators. It's an effective way to stake ETH and maintain access to DeFi opportunities.

Stakin Vault on StakeWise V3: Benefits of Staking

Staking your ETH with Stakin Vault on the StakeWise V3 platform comes with a host of benefits:

  • Zero Commission Fees: We continue to offer a 0% commission fee on Stakin Vault to early stakers, ensuring that you enjoy the full benefits of your staking rewards.
  • Ease of Use: The intuitive interface of StakeWise V3, combined with our streamlined processes, makes staking simple and accessible, regardless of your experience level.
  • Enhanced Security: Our Vault on StakeWise V3 includes top-tier security standards, so you can stake with confidence knowing your assets are well-protected.
  • DeFi Accessibility: Stakin Vault users can now more seamlessly engage with DeFi activities as StakeWise V3 expand opportunities with its liquid staking token osETH. 
  • Proven Trust and Reliability: Stakin, with its robust track record and significant assets under management, offers a reliable and trustworthy platform for your staking needs.
  • 24/7 Assistance: Experience round-the-clock support with our dedicated 24/7 assistance, ensuring your staking journey is smooth and uninterrupted.

How to Stake ETH in Stakin's Vault on StakeWise V3?

Staking your ETH with Stakin’s Vault on StakeWise V3 is straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide, including how to unstake your assets:

1. Access Stakin's Vault
Start by visiting Stakin Vault Listing on the StakeWise platform. You can also look for our Vault in the Vaults Marketplace.

2. Connect Your Ethereum Wallet
Use an Ethereum-compatible wallet, such as MetaMask, to interact with our Vault. 

3. Begin Staking
Decide on the amount of ETH you want to stake. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your staking transaction.

4. Option to Mint osETH
If you’re interested in DeFi opportunities, consider minting osETH, a liquid staking token representing your staked ETH. This allows for participation in various DeFi activities.

5. Track Your Staking
Once your ETH is staked, you can monitor your rewards and overall staking performance directly on the StakeWise platform.

How to Unstake ETH from Stakin Vault?

Unstaking your ETH from Stakin's Vault involves a two-step process if you have minted osETH. Here's how you can smoothly go through the unstaking process:

Step 1

  • Navigate to the ‘Burn’ option in the platform.
  • Enter the amount of osETH you wish to burn. This should correspond to the amount of ETH you plan to unstake.
  • Confirm by clicking on ‘Burn’ and then approve the transaction in your wallet. This action will effectively remove the equivalent osETH tokens from circulation.

Step 2

  • Unstake Your ETH: Once your osETH is burned, you can proceed to unstake your ETH.
  • Click on the ‘Unstake’ option within the Stakin Vault interface.
  • Enter the amount of ETH you want to unstake.
  • Confirm by clicking on ‘Unstake’ and then approve the transaction in your wallet.

Looking Ahead

As we forge ahead at Stakin, our focus isn’t just on what we’re doing now, but also on what’s next. One of the areas we’re actively exploring is the use of Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) within our operations. The idea is to potentially create a single-operator cluster that could bring several benefits.

Considering DVT for Future Growth

The decision to implement DVT is something we’re considering carefully. We see the potential advantages it could offer, such as enhanced security and more efficient network operations. However, we're also mindful of the challenges and complexities it involves. As with any new technology, there are pros and cons to weigh.

Balanced Approach to Innovation

Our approach is to explore these new possibilities thoughtfully and responsibly. We want to ensure that any new technology we adopt not only aligns with our standards of excellence but also brings tangible benefits to you, our users.

Join Our Journey

We're excited about what the future holds and invite you to be a part of it. Whether you’re looking to start staking or just want to follow our journey into new technological frontiers, we welcome you to join us.

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. Staking and cryptocurrency investment involve a certain degree of risk, and there is always the possibility of loss, including the loss of all staked digital assets. Additionally, delegators are at risk of slashing in case of security or liveness faults on some PoS protocols. We advise you to DYOR before choosing a validator.

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