ICON Ecosystem: Discover the BUILDERS


Aug 02, 2019

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ICON Ecosystem: Discover the BUILDERS

Hi Iconists🧑‍🚀,

It’s been a while since we went over all the different DApps in the ICON ecosystem. A lot has changed since the first post of this article, which is why we figured an update was in order. This article is the sixth part of our series on ICON, throughout which we introduce the various components and differentiating elements of the ICON project 🌕.

And so, in this article, we will introduce you to the projects that are currently building on ICON and the active ones. There are many blockchains out there, and some are very technically advanced as well. However, the success of a blockchain is not only based on its technical aspects but also depends on the sheer size of its community and especially on the number of useful applications that are built on it.

The ICON Network was recently added to the DappReviews official Q1 DApp Market Report for 2020. They reported that in 2020 Q1, the total transaction volume of ICON DApps was over $19 million. Furthermore, they also noted that most of the Q1 volume was contributed by ICONBet. STAYGE, a DApp that revolves around the fan community of K-pop music, had the most extensive user base on ICON.

We understand that the list might not be exhaustive, especially given a large number of partners and consortiums gravitating around ICON. Hence, please feel free to add more amazing projects in comments! Plus, for a complete list of ICON Dapps, you can also check here.

A non-exhaustive list of Icon DApps

The ICON DAPP Alliance

On April 17th, 2020, the ICON DApp Alliance was announced. Four of the leading ICON DApps announced that they would be joining forces to promote the development of the blockchain network’s DApp ecosystem. The DApps that took the initiative are decentralized advertising protocol weBloc, ICON-powered karaoke service SOMESING, blockchain research lab, and ICON SCORE auditor SIgnal 9 and STAYGE.

The alliance aims to create a collaborative system to unite the existing business models onto the ICON’s blockchain and lead the development of the ecosystem. The IDA aspires to be the pathway through which new DApps and other business partners can join the ICON Network.


weBloc is a decentralized advertising protocol that is creating transparent advertising systems. weBloc has a lot of capabilities that will allow them to build a business in the digital advertising industry, utilizing a new advertising ecosystem based on blockchain. This DApp aims to have a truly tokenized advertising agency. In other words, the players in the market need to stop focusing on the competition for scaling-up based on advertising fees and develop a structure where users can voluntarily participate in the advertising ecosystem.

For further and more in-depth information about this DApp, check their whitepaper.

weBloc developed PAY WOK as their first step towards a decentralized advertising ecosystem. PAY WOK is very similar to other rewards apps, except that it gives out digital assets as rewards instead of fiat money, and it records every user’s action, such as user’s advertising participation and rewards on the ICON tracker.


SOMESING is the world’s first karaoke service build on the blockchain. Music is an integral part of people’s lives in every culture around the world. Composing music has become a tool and a creative outlet for many people. SOMESING profiles itself as a platform for people that love to sing (and make music). On their platform, anyone can make music, create remixes, etc. and be rewarded fairly for this through blockchain distribution technology.

For more details on how SOMESING works, check their whitepaper.


This is an entirely different DApp then the two mentioned before. Signal9 is dedicated to studying the blockchain and developing multiple solutions to activate the blockchain. At the moment, they provide four different services. Those are smart contract security validation, smart contract creation agent, smart contract developer tools, and blockchain API gateway. Signal9 is an official partner of ICONLoop. This DApp is a plugin that can be downloaded in VScode or Pycharm.


This DApp is focussed on the K-pop fanbase community. The DApp looks like a combination of chat groups and social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. This entertainment project has created an ecosystem in which fans and artists can communicate and share. The DApp is reward-based, and fans can obtain these rewards through their activities. You can find the DApp here. Furthermore, what’s interesting about this DApp is that they are participating in ICON P-Rep in collaboration with Deblock.

📱Media and Social DApps


Cosmochain is a beauty app/platform that aims to reorganize information within the beauty industry to create a ‘consumer-centric’ database and develop a new ecosystem that connects consumers with suppliers. In this ecosystem, consumers get digital assets as rewards for sharing reviews, personal information (beauty related), and creating other content. What’s an important detail is that this platform allows the creators of content to be the owner of it, rather than an intermediary or the platform itself.

First Stamp

This DApp is ideal for coffee lovers. Like with traditional coffee stamp collecting systems, it is a straightforward idea. You go to a coffee shop, order a coffee, and you get a stamp. First Stamp app solves the disadvantages of having to use paper, or lose coupons. It is easy to check your stamps through SMS or mobile-web.

The ICON Wish Board

The ICON Wish Board allows users of the ICON Network and other enthusiasts to permanently record their wishes on blockchain and get rewarded for it. It is possible to record funny things, as well as earnest wishes or anything else you’d want to share with the ICON Community. The board is simple to use, and you’re able to connect it to your ICONex wallet directly. Wishes are communicated immediately, and you’re also able to like other people’s wishes.

Jub Jub

JUBJUB is another DApp created by weBloc. This app is designed to be somewhat similar to the concept of Pokemon Go. You can find and visit coffee stores in JEJU Island, where you can discover weBloc tokens by checking in the stores. JUBJUB is a Korean expression referring to picking things up. Currently, the app is available on IOS and Android, but only in Korean. The app has two functions you can either JUBJUB (collect) or Throw tokens.

Block Insight DApp Service

This DApp is a service that focuses on news, content, and market information. It is created by the Insight Protocol. They aim to create an ecosystem where users can share their app revenues and be rewarded for information consumption. You can download the app both for Android or iPhone. The app helps both users and projects by putting blockchain news, offline events, and airdrops on the app. Moreover, they have recently introduced a function to receive WOK (weBloc token).

Trackers & Exchanges

ICON Tracker

The ICON Tracker is a DApp for the ICON Network on which you can track transactions, governance proposals, and P-Rep lists. The ICON Foundation created the ICON Tracker. The interface of this tracker is self-explanatory; you can search by SCORE code, Block, Address, or TxHash. Furthermore, you can browse easily throughout all different functions of the tracker. Besides that, it has easy connectivity with the ICONex wallet.

Now what’s interesting about both ICONex and ICON Tracker is that the ICON Foundation announced on March 17th, 2020, that VELIC will be dedicating it’s resources and take over the development of both platforms. The VELIC team is said to be very familiar with ICON’s Technology, and they also have experience with wallet security and data management.


VELIC is an exchange platform that also offers loans and has a project promoting learning English. In its language, the VELIC platform provides a comprehensive solution for crypto-assets that delivers the highest quality crypto-related services under a single integrated-user-account. Their primary focus is on keeping things secure; however, they also do a lot of different lotteries and games to win different types of digital assets.


Iconwatch is a tracking platform created by Blockmove a non-profit organization dedicated to making improvements in the ICON Network through Europe-focused activities. If you’re interested in knowing more about them, you can check their full proposal here.


Another ICON tracker is ICONLOOK it is a real-time and data-rich blockchain intelligence, telemetry, and analytics platform created by ICONVIET. What’s interesting about this platform is the extensive amount of data and resources that it offers. The interface below shows that they do not only track governance, block creation, and rewards. The platform also has an P-Rep Directory as well as C-Rep Directory, a Loopchain browser, and an Interchain explorer. ICONLOOK is currently in its Beta stage.

Economy & Logistics

Airbloc Protocol

The Airbloc DApp data exchange platform aims to solve the problems for users, apps, and data consumers. They want to deliver an enterprise-grade data infrastructure for a more transparent user data collection, monetization, and exchange. For individuals, this means that they’ve created Airbloc Tracker, which allows you to track, control, and earn from your data flows. The Airbloc Tracker is scheduled to launch in 2020.

Blue Whale Global

The Blue Whale Global project is softly said ambitious. The project aims to build smart cities globally with the use of their smart engine (see image). The vision of the project is:


At their core, they have the Shareable assets which represent the Decentralized Network; it generates sustainable revenue by tokenizing tangible assets. Once the income is generated, you use BWX from a portion of the profits and add them to the Reward Bank. This will provide rewards to contributors to pursue their careers based on their passions within the sharing economy community. Contribution Activity Manager (CAM) adds, manages, and removes reward activities.


The DApp LogisticsX’s goal is to utilize the blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform to transform last-mile logistics. They believe they can create a harmonized ecosystem, in which the different stakeholders such as third-party logistic companies, e-commerce retailers, couriers, and end-recipients. Through transparency, security in the global parcel delivery network, and increasing efficiency, they are convinced that their goals will be made.

🕵️‍♂️ Certification & Identification


Certiv is an Education Technological Application that allows higher education institutions to certify their student’s experience, skills, and degrees through the ICON Blockchain, with the end-goal of promoting them to recruiters. The application is currently in its Beta version. Certiv is based on Proof of Existence (PoE); they authenticate documents by hashing the data, and then they store them in a publicly accessible Smart Contract. It is secure because each action on the blockchain is irreversible, and there are only a few addressed allowed to upload the smart contracts (which will be the schools).


ICONLOOP is the development team behind many different DApps for the ICON blockchain. Their vision is to combine life with blockchain, introducing innovative disruptions to various industries. They do so by providing technologies and solutions to partners such as the Seoul Metropolitan City and the National Election Commission. The overall goal is that these innovations will lead to the mass-adoption of blockchain. So far, they have introduced four different DApps, that are shortly listed below.

ICON Broof

This Dapp enables you to track the digital fingerprint of any educational degree or certificate. This fingerprint contains information such as to whom and when the certificate was issued. Any changes made after the release can be tracked as well. The authenticity and trustworthiness of the certificates are kept by a system that assures the data of the issuing company is a real match with the requestor’s input data. Broof, in essence, works as a solution against academic fraud. For more information about ICON Broof, check here.


MyID is a blockchain-based digital ID-ecosystem that aims at making digital identification easier for users, has multiple different collaborations set for the future. This DApp allows ID authentication information to be saved to a user’s mobile phone so that the user can decide to reuse that information or access other services that require identification information.

ICONLOOP aims to obtain at least a hundred various enterprises by the end of 2020, to partner with. As for now, the number of enterprises connected is 54. The last enterprises added to the alliance are Industrial Bank of Korea, P2P Financial Firm Funda, blockchain and security solution Quantstamp, Mobile Pass MOCAsystem, and Korea Smart Clothing. All of whom are expected to be fully implemented by the second half of 2020. More information on ICON’s Enterprise collaborations can be found here.


DPASS is known as Decentralized Passport, is an application that makes it possible to identify yourself through blockchain technology. Furthermore, you can also use this app as a cryptocurrency wallet functionality. DPASS allows you to securely manage your personal information and enjoy the services of DApps through DID (a unique personal account on the blockchain). The aim of creating this DApp was to realize the concept of a self-sovereign identity so that users don’t have to use third parties to manage their data.

  • DID Decentralized ID is providing an innovative, simple and safe digital identification process. Users can realize their Self-Sovereign Identity, which allows them to manage and use their data without having to rely on third parties.


With the use of DID, VisitMe eliminates the inconveniences that come with visiting corporate offices. Through this platform, users can make reservations to visit the office using an app (available for iOS and Android). Once you’ve confirmed your DID, the service sends you an invitation through the app. This invitation included a QR Code, and when you arrive, you simply scan the code and can enter the building. Currently, this app is only available in Seoul, Korea.

✈️ Travel


Developed by Ubik Capital, this DApp is aimed at letting you take back the control over your location data. Breadcrmb allows users to store places visited and own their location data, rather than third parties. You can check-in at locations around the world, and all your data will be locally stored on your phone, only leaving to upload it to the ICON Blockchain securely. You have your password and protected keys that are generated by ICON SDKs.

Ubik Capital is currently working on an ICON Drone Integration together with Aero Systems West (ASW) to increase the safety and security of commercially operated drones. If you want to know more about this project, click here. The prototypes are expected to be released this year, as well as the first flight tests.

🎯 Games & Gambling


ICONbet is the first DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) built on the ICON Network. As the name suggests, ICONbet is a betting platform focused on playing games. At this moment, there are three games available.

  1. DAOlette is a Roulette-style game. It has 21 numbers: 10 black numbers, ten red numbers, and one green bomb. One bets one different color and number combinations. This version also allows users to customize the odds of winning (which traditionally is not available).
  2. DAOdice this game involves two ten-sided dice (as seen in the image below). One dice has the numbers 0 through 9, while the other has the numbers 0, 10, 20…90, allowing for players to roll any number between 0 and 99. Players adjust the range on which they would like to bet, then the odds of winning and multiplier change according to the bet.
  3. DAOblackjack, this game uses fairly standard blackjack rules. The game supports just single players against the dealer, but multiple games can be opened.

For more information about these DApps, go to our introduction article here.


Zensports is a worldwide sports betting app that lets you connect and bet against or with anyone else in the world by using your phone. The peer-to-peer marketplace takes away the need for a bookmaker (third-party). You can create and accept bets, and connect with others that are interested in the same sports as you. What’s also unique about this app is that you can also participate in betting on esports, not just traditional sports.


This DApp is not released yet, but it’s planned to be launched in 2020. Initially, this platform started as just a casino platform on which nodes could play online traditional gambling games. However, they have taken on a very ambitious project. In a nutshell, the developers behind this DApp are building a virtual world, almost like a virtual Las Vegas. In which you can do things like run virtual real estate, gamble, and play games. The blockchain-based “Virtual City” is called “MECA City.”

Battle Bomb

Battle Bomb, as the name suggests, is a game that includes passing around a “bomb” with other players. The game is a multiplayer game where you have to use ICX in real-time, and naturally, it is based on the ICON blockchain. The goal is simple: be the last man standing amongst a group (game room) to win.

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