Extrnode is a decentralized gateway for RPC gateway that lets you connect your DApp to a decentralized cluster of RPC nodes and automatically reroute responses if any node is down. Extrnode currently supports 11 networks: Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Ethereum, Fantom, Filecoin, Gnosis, Linea, Mantle, Optimism, and Solana. Numerous DApps are linked to RPC nodes that are hosted on the same servers and managed by a small number of major providers. The DApps will stop functioning if something bad happens to the hosting companies or the nodes that they are running on. That’s why Extrnode created the public load balancer, it offers a solution that automatically reroutes application requests to one of the working RPC nodes from a vast cluster. The Solana JSON-RPC is publicly accessible, and the RPC cluster contains more than 30 public RPC endpoints that can be scanned. Additionally, it is supported by tried-and-true RPC nodes that are hosted by Everstake, 01node, Chainstack, and Stakin.

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