ZetaChain is a revolutionary blockchain platform that serves as both an L1 blockchain and a smart contract platform. Its exceptional connectivity to all other blockchains sets it apart, making it a truly interoperable system. Unlike any other public blockchain, ZetaChain empowers smart contracts to manage assets, data, and liquidity across any chain, including Bitcoin. ZetaChain functions not only as an L1 blockchain but also as a functional layer connecting all other blockchains. The network nodes closely monitor events, such as payment transactions, on external chains. They reach a consensus on these events and sign off on any connected chain. Furthermore, ZetaChain's omnichain smart contracts read and process the above-mentioned events from external chains. Thus, acting as a single source of truth, these smart contracts maintain the state of assets and data across all connected chains. Finally, through chain-agnostic message passing, existing smart contracts can effortlessly send data and value across chains and layers using a simple function call. ZetaChain is currently still in its Testnet stages and aims to be an invisible force powering a seamless user experience in Web3 for all. Its native digital asset is ZETA.

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