The Union network is a hyper-efficient zero-knowledge infrastructure layer for general message passing, asset transfers, NFTs, and DeFi. It's based on consensus verification and has no dependencies on trusted third parties, oracles, multi-signatures, or MPC. With over $1.6 billion stolen in bridge hacks in 2022, a robust bridging stack has become paramount. Union addresses this challenge by developing the first fully trustless and censorship-resistant infrastructure layer in stealth mode featuring a cohesive architecture consisting of three key elements, ensuring efficient and secure data transfer and interaction between various blockchains. Union’s unique consensus engine allows the transfer of any asset natively to any chain, prioritizing efficiency, security, scalability, and interoperability. Unlike other bridging solutions, Union does not grant relayers special authority, mitigating the risk of private key exposure. Messages are verified using zero-knowledge proofs, adding an extra layer of security. Union is developed to be a scalable powerhouse: - Fast: bridging transactions are generated and settled quickly. - Secure: abide by fork-choice rules. - Future proof: core tech is built for the next decennium. - Easy to use: high-level API usable for developers from any ecosystem.

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