Market cap$5,088,630.00
Est. APR20.87%Fees 20.00%


Sentinel is a decentralized peer-to-peer bandwidth distribution network; it uses a blockchain built on Tendermint and the Cosmos SDK. As a decentralized VPN protocol (DVPN), Sentinel allows anyone to monetize their bandwidth by dedicating it to the Sentinel dVPN network and enables the development of white-label VPN services. Unlike current VPN solutions, the decentralized nature of Sentinel dVPN offers higher security, privacy, and better censorship resistance. Sentinel's set of nodes measures and confirms the amount of bandwidth given and used by network participants. The Cosmos SDK's significant scalability enables the Sentinel dVPN to become "truly decentralized." Sentinel Hub is a decentralized ‘node query' system because nodes hosted on Sentinel's Cosmos-based DVPN infrastructure communicate with the Blockchain regularly to indicate their availability and other information. DVPN is the native token of the Sentinel blockchain. DVPN holders can delegate their voting power to validators on the Sentinel network to earn rewards in newly minted tokens. And take part in on-chain governance.

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