fb Stakin / Razor Network Validator

Razor Network

APR 44.06%
Fees 10 %
Public key(s)
Razorscan >
Market Cap $2,820,738 Price$0.005
RewardsEvery epoch (~20 Minutes)
APR 44.06%
Lock-up period4-5 Days
CompoundingAutomated, the rewards accrue on the stake account address and earn more rewards.
Slashing risk• If a Staker tries to propose an invalid block, then any staker can dispute that block by calculating the correct values. Hence, if any malicious activity is done, the staker's stake will be slashed (1%, burn: 0%, keep: 4%). • If any staker does not vote in epoch/s, then the staker will be penalized through the inactivity penalty mechanism (1%). • If the staker or delegator cannot unstake and withdraw the funds in the window defined by the protocol, then the delegator/staker will be penalized while resetting the unstake lock (0,01%).
Learn about Razor Network (Razor)
Razor Network is a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism blockchain that provides a decentralized, trustworthy, fast, and scalable way for smart contracts to receive external data. The Razor Network is made up of validators who "Stake" their tokens and provide data to the network. The honest validators are rewarded, and those who report incoherently are penalized. Razor Network is built around a set of smart contracts that can run on any Ethereum-compatible blockchain. Razor relies on the underlying blockchain to provide properties such as censorship resistance, network partition security, etc.
stakinWhy stake with us?
• Stakin has supported the Razor Network as an institutional validator since Testnet and is glad to be doing the same for Mainnet. • We utilize our experience as a staking provider on multiple EVM and non-EVM compatible networks to deploy a secure and reliable infrastructure for Razor Network. • Additionally, 24/7 monitoring and alerting are in place for Razor Network to ensure maximum uptime for all transactions and activities on the chain.
How to stake Razor Network (Razor)?
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