Market cap$7,540,457,609.00
Est. APR4.82%Fees 1.00%


Polygon is a blockchain scalability platform that provides secure, scalable, and near-instant transactions via its Layer 2 commit chain and an adapted version of Plasma. Polygon blockchain is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and thus supports Solidity as a smart-contract language. Polygon has grown tremendously and boasts a large corporate and startup partners ecosystem, as well as one of the most successful ecosystems for Dapps. In addition to the main Polygon blockchain, Polygon is developing many blockchain scalability services and networks with initiatives including Polygon zkEVM (rollups), and Polygon Supernets. The project addresses blockchain-related issues, such as high gas fees and slow speeds, without sacrificing security. MATIC is the native cryptocurrency of the Polygon Network. It can be staked as an ERC20 on the Ethereum blockchain. Stakers earn a yield based on the inflation rate of the Polygon network, but need to lock their cryptocurrencies in the process. Stakin is proud to partner with liquid staking services on Polygon such as Lido Finance and Stader Labs. With liquid staking, stakers can stake their Matic and receive an interest-bearing token in exchange, which accrues staking rewards automatically and can be traded and used for DeFi applications.

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