Market cap$6,223,249,097.00
Est. APR15.61%


Polkadot is a Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) network designed with the roles of validators and nominators to optimize chain security. Nominators are owners of Polkadot’s native tokens, the DOT, who nominate validators with their voting power. Nominators earn an extra yield on their DOT tokens for nominating their voting power and participating in the PoS consensus. Validators are in charge of creating and verifying blocks and have to maintain blockchain nodes with strict uptime goals. Polkadot's active validator set is dynamic and elected based on a sequential Phragmen method. Stakin offers reliable dedicated Polkadot node infrastructure. With dedicated nodes, institutional nominators can maximize their potential staking yield and benefit from institutional-grade services. We can adapt the deployment to regulatory or geographical constraints for compliance and decentralization, and provide slashing guarantees backed by our treasury or through selected third-party insurers.

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