Neutron is a new DeFi (decentralized finance) platform built with Tendermint on the Cosmos SDK. The platform aims to address scalability issues currently facing DeFi platforms by offering a faster, cheaper, and more secure alternative for trading and exchanging digital assets. The Neutron platform includes a user-friendly interface, sophisticated trading tools, and a highly secure and scalable infrastructure. Its modular design makes it simple for developers to create and implement decentralized applications on the platform, further expanding its capabilities. Neutron is the first he first Consumer-Chain on Cosmos Hub Interchain Security. As a Consumer-Chain of the Cosmos Hub, validators of the Cosmos Hub will be securing Neutron, providing it with a high degree of security. Interchain Security creates a mutually beneficial relationship between Neutron and the Cosmos Hub. The more successful Neutron becomes, the more valuable $ATOM is, and the more secure Neutron and the Hub become.

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