Namada is a Layer 1 blockchain dedicated to interchain asset-agnostic privacy, leveraging a proof-of-stake model. It enables privacy across blockchains through native interoperability with fast-finality chains via IBC and Ethereum through a trustless bridge. Its privacy capabilities are powered by an advanced multi-asset shielded pool (MASP) circuit, allowing indistinguishable transactions of various assets, including ETH, DAI, ATOM, OSMO, and NAM, Namada's native token. Developed by Heliax within the Anoma ecosystem, Namada is designed in Rust, emphasizing a scalable and secure infrastructure. It introduces asset-agnostic shielded transfers via zk-SNARKs, ensuring privacy across tokens. The unified shielded set under the MASP circuit enhances privacy for all assets, supported by fast zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) generation for user-friendly transactions and efficient processing for near-instant finality at low costs. The Cubic Proof-of-Stake (CPoS) mechanism underpins Namada's consensus, offering innovative features for validators and delegators like automatic reward compounding and cubic slashing to deter network attacks. Governance is stake-weighted, allowing token holders to propose and vote on changes, complemented by a Public Goods Funding (PGF) model to support ecosystem-positive initiatives.

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