KYVE Network

KYVE Network



KYVE Network or KYVE is a Layer-1 blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK, consisting of 2 layers: the Chain Layer and the Protocol Layer. Each layer has its own purpose and infrastructure. KYVE's backbone is the chain layer, a sovereign Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain constructed with Ignite. It is powered by independent nodes, allowing users to support and safeguard the KYVE blockchain. The protocol layer has its protocol nodes, which are in charge of gathering data from a data source, packaging and uploading it to any decentralized storage solution, and then validating it, keeping track of which data is genuinely valid for its users to access. That enables KYVE to store any data indefinitely and is decentralized, resulting in a Web3 data lake. KYVE aims to transform how people access on- and off-chain data by offering speedy and straightforward tools for decentralized data validation, immutability, and retrieval. These tools enable developers, data engineers, and other users to securely access reliable data, allowing them to continue building the future of Web3.

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