fb Stakin / Kava Validator


APR 22.09%
Fees 0.00 %
Public key(s)
Market Cap $448,443,326 Price$1.6
RewardsEvery block (around 6 seconds)
APR 22.09%
Lock-up period21 Days
CompoundingManual, delegator needs to claim and restake
Slashing risk• Downtime slashing (liveness fault): 0.01% of KAVA slashed. It happens when the validator is down for approximately 10,000 blocks (about 16 hours) • Double sign slashing: 5% of KAVA slashed. It happens if the validator tries to validate twice the same block (malicious behavior or poor set-up).
Learn about Kava (KAVA)
Kava Labs is focused on democratizing financial services and creating an open access option for anyone, anywhere in the world. To do so, Kava builds composable Decentralized Finance (DeFi) apps and services that anyone can access. Kava is also a lending platform; digital assets are locked as collateral in a CDP (Collateralized Debt Position). Those CDPs allow users to lock up digital assets into a vault, thus getting a collateralized loan against the deposited amount. In Kava’s case, locking up volatile assets in the CDP allows you to get a USDX stablecoin loan, as well as to earn extra KAVA incentives. The Kava blockchain is built on Tendermint and the Cosmos SDK. It is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain where Kava holders can stake and participate in decentralized governance. In addition to providing a staking yield in newly minted Kava, Kava features many earning opportunities through DeFi protocols, lending, and Hard protocol. For more information about Kava, have a look at our blog: https://blog.stakin.com/tag/kava/
stakinWhy stake with us?
• Took part in early Kava testnets 1.0 and 2.0, supporting the network since June 2019 • Genesis mainnet validator participating since November 2019 • Stakin is dedicated to the Cosmos ecosystem. In addition to Kava and Cosmos, Stakin supports 10+ networks in the Cosmos ecosystem and works on multiple testnet that are built on Tendermint • By delegating to Stakin, you contribute to network decentralization by choosing a smaller validator • We offer dedicated support for all your staking, unstaking, and network-related questions
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