fb Stakin / Icon Validator


APR 10.62%
Fees 0.00 %
Public key(s)
Market Cap $212,735,393 Price$0.24
RewardsDistributed automatically every block
APR 10.62%
Lock-up period7-10 days lock-up period in average
CompoundingNot automated, new delegation required
Slashing riskNo slashing risks
Learn about Icon (ICX)
The ICON Network is a decentralized network that will allow different blockchains to communicate with each other via its BTP (Blockchain Transmission Protocol) technology, thus making ICON a blockchain aggregator. ICX is ICON’s native token, it can be used for gas fees and value transfer in the ICON ecosystem. ICON is governed by a network of 100+ P-Reps (Public Representatives) and 22 Main P-Reps. P-Reps are in charge of operating secure and highly available nodes, as well as contributing to the progress and development of the ICON network, projects, and community. They can also take part in governance decisions including network upgrades and decentralized grant funding mechanisms via the CPS (Contribution Proposal System). ICON supports smart contracts and is built with a focus on interoperability. Many Dapps have already launched on ICON, among which Balanced DAO, ICONBet, NFT Project Nebula, and the Staking No loss Lottery. Its interoperability capacity extends to EVM compatible blockchains such as the ICE Network, built by ICON. In addition, ICON boasts a number of partnerships with leading corporations and institutions such as Samsung, Line, and the Seoul Government. For more information on ICON, you can visit the dedicated section of our blog: https://blog.stakin.com/tag/icon/
stakinWhy stake with us?
Stakin’s contributions and services on ICON reaches far beyond operating a Mainnet node: • Main P-Rep since 2019 with 99.8%+ uptime • Dapp builder, creator of the first no loss staking lottery on ICON • Dedicated P-Rep with dedicated support, including on community chats • Involved in every decentralized governance decision • Testnet node operator • We offer dedicated support for all your staking, unstaking, and network-related questions.
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