Market cap$165,701,980.00
Est. APR10.12%Fees 0.00%


The ICON Network is a decentralized network that will allow different blockchains to communicate with each other via its BTP (Blockchain Transmission Protocol) technology, thus making ICON a blockchain aggregator. ICX is ICON’s native token; it can be used for gas fees and value transfer in the ICON ecosystem. ICON is governed by a network of 100+ P-Reps (Public Representatives) and 22 Main P-Reps. ICON supports smart contracts and is built with a focus on interoperability. Many Dapps have already launched on ICON, including Balanced DAO, ICONBet, NFT Project Nebula, and the Staking No loss Lottery. Its interoperability capacity extends to EVM-compatible blockchains, such as the ICE Network, built by ICON.

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