Fairblock delivers programmable privacy throughout the blockchain space with modularity. Developers can leverage the encryption tools to create more compelling decentralized applications and users will benefit from the added privacy that is currently missing from the publicly available transaction history. Thanks to the modular design, blockchains, and applications built on Fairblocks can make use of this robust privacy toolkit. Identity-base encryption(IBE), allows Fairblock to encrypt the contents of transactions before they are posted on-chain. The decryption of transactions is also customizable to consider voting period duration, market conditions, etc. The core value of blockchains is to enable users to have more control and Fairblocks is here to ensure that all the applications built on top of blockchains are also able to provide sufficient privacy and security that users expect. For more information on future developments, staking FAIRY, or Stakin, have a look at our socials and website. If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact information below.

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