Elixir is a modular network built to power liquidity on order-book exchanges. It enables DEXs to natively integrate Elixir into their infrastructure to unlock retail liquidity for pairs and more. The network modular infrastructure is decentralized and high-throughput while utilizing the DPoS consensus mechanism. Exchange feeds hold read-only credentials for each exchange, subscribe to a single update stream, and broadcast this data to data aggregators. Data Aggregators collect data from multiple exchange fees, combine them into a data frame, sign it, and broadcast it to validators. A Decentralized Proof of Stake system is used, where at least 66% consensus is required among validators. The project recently raised $8 million in a Series B co-led by Mysten Labs and Maelstrom to fuel the growth and Stakin has joined the testnet as a validator to support the development. For more information on future developments, staking ELX, or Stakin, have a look at our socials and website. If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact information below.

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