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Dymension is a decentralized platform that enables users to create and launch their own consensus-free blockchain, known as a RollApp. The platform comprises a network of modular blockchains, all connected to the central Dymension Hub. The Hub acts as the protocol's settlement layer and serves as a decentralized source of truth for the network. It is powered by a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, ensuring security and liquidity for all RollApps on the network. RollApps are built using the Dymension RollApp Development Kit (RDK) based on the Cosmos SDK. Developers can choose the network token, application logic, and virtual machine for their RollApp, giving them full control over its functionality. Essentially, Dymension acts as an "app chain" for "app-rollups," - allowing developers to create and launch their own customizable blockchain applications on the platform.
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