Market cap$3,482,937.00
Est. APR13.5%Fees 20%


Crescent Network is a proof-of-stake blockchain in the Cosmos Ecosystem that provides connected DeFi functionalities for the space, thus enhancing capital efficiency and risk management penalties. The network focuses on three functionalities known as the Crescent DEX, Crescent Boost, and Crescent Derivatives. Through these functionalities, Crescent provides a marketplace for multichain assets with capital-efficient liquidity incentivization. Additionally, the network focuses on securing a cross-chain collateralization protocol for users to effectively manage their portfolio risks. Most of the Crescent staking takes place through the official Crescent staking app and bCRE, the native liquid staked CRE token. By using bCRE, your stake is automatically allocated to selected Liquid Staking Validators (LSV), which include Stakin, among other professional firms. It is also possible to stake with Stakin directly.

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