Market cap$802,540,765.00
Est. APR21.06%Fee 5%

What is Akash?

Akash Network is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain that offers a decentralized open-source cloud platform for fast, efficient, and less expensive application deployment. Akash is IBC compatible and connected to the Cosmos ecosystem.

As a Decentralized Cloud (DeCloud) solution, Akash is maintained by a set of elected validators and is permissionless and censorship-resistant. Akash works like a decentralized marketplace connecting those who need computing resources with those with the computing capacity to lease. As 85% of the world’s cloud capacity is underutilized, the opportunity created by Akash is significant.

AKT is the native cryptocurrency of the Akash ecosystem used to govern and secure the network, store, and exchange value among users and incentivize participation in the network.

What is Akash staking?

Staking is a great way for long-term crypto investors to earn passive income on their Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency assets (such as AKT) while taking part in securing the network.

Stakers, by delegating tokens to validators, give voting rights to these to validate transactions on the blockchain and propose new blocks. The more stake is attributed to a validator, the more it will be able to take part in the network consensus and earn rewards for its stakers.

A quick example: Suppose a blockchain network offers a 5% reward rate for a staking period of 1 year (5% APR). You decide to lock up and stake 100 tokens on the network. After a year, you can access your staked tokens and receive five additional tokens as your reward – minus eventual fees charged by the staking provider.

Staking Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies such as AKT does not require stakers to transfer their token to validators. It is a non-custodial process.

Why is Stakin a great choice for Akash (AKT) staking?

Staking your assets on your own is operationally challenging as it requires specialist expertise to set up nodes and ensure constant uptime to maximize rewards or prevent so-called slashing: partial loss of your staked cryptocurrencies due to prolonged downtime, or inappropriate/malicious behavior by the node operator.

Stakin is an excellent choice for staking your Akash (AKT) tokens, as we have a strong expertise and track record of reliable operations on this network. Stakin was a participant in The Akashian Challenge, contributing to the Akash testnet since April 2020, both as a validator, and deployer of applications on the Decentralized Cloud (DeCloud). Stakin already supports 20+ Cosmos networks and is dedicated to the development of the ecosystem.

There are several advantages when staking your AKT tokens with Stakin, such as:

  • Triple AAA-rated institutional staking provider by Staking Rewards

  • ISO 27001 certified staking provider

  • Tracking dashboard, to easily track and generate reports for the performance of your staked assets

  • Reliable infrastructure - We distribute our servers across various geographical locations and partner with premier bare metal and cloud providers

  • RPC nodes and IBC Relayers connecting the IBC ecosystem of networks together (as a community contribution)

  • Dedicated support for all your staking, unstaking, and network-related questions

  • Institutional grade SLAs with uptime and slashing guarantees

What kind of institutional services does Stakin offer for Akash (AKT) Staking?

As an institutional-grade Akash node operator, Stakin has a full range of staking services and advantages to cater to the needs of enterprises and investors, such as asset managers, company treasuries, exchanges, VCs and hedge funds, wallets, custodians, and liquid staking services.

  • Institutional grade SLAs with 99.5%+ uptime guarantees and slashing guarantees

  • Integration with custodians, such as Fireblocks (via raw signing)

  • Dedicated Account Manager to answer all your technical and commercial questions

  • Information about potential airdrops that you may be eligible for by staking with us so that stakers can maximize your staking yield

  • Custom integrations and solutions such as custom performance reporting via API or CSV with the possibility to match your backend requirements

  • Whitelabel and dedicated nodes with dedicated infrastructure that can be deployed in your preferred region to fit decentralization or compliance needs

  • Automated commission and reward management with clear reporting

  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting with a private dashboard for dedicated and Whitelabel nodes

  • Free premium access to Stakin Dashboard, which includes staking data visualization across any validator, and premium historical data features (on selected networks)

How we support interoperability

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