Stakin Bi-Weekly Newsletter Vol. 27


May 15, 2021

3 min read

Stakin Bi-Weekly Newsletter Vol. 27

Hi Readers,

It’s once again time for our bi-weekly update, sharing with you all that is happening in the Proof-of-Stake blockchain space. This week we discuss:

  • Stakin Lossless Lottery 2.0 Launch!
  • Stakin’s CEO Interviewed by
  • SKALE chains are now live on Mainnet.
  • ICONFi x Band Protocol Collaboration
  • Tezos Florence Upgrade

Stakin Lossless Lottery 2.0 Launch!

It was long-awaited, but here it is! We are very excited to announce the launch of the Stakin Lossless Lottery 2.0 for the ICON Network!! The Stakin noloss lottery is a fun saving game built on the ICON blockchain, where nobody loses their initial bets. Participants buy tickets by locking $ICX tokens in a smart contract. Each week, a random draw is organized, and a lucky winner wins the whole pot of generated interests, but none from the initial bets of other participants. Thus, at any time, it is possible for participants to leave the lottery and redeem their tickets for the $ICX face value.

Additional aspects of the 2.0 version are:

  • ✅ Multiple winners and Consolation Prizes
  • ✅ Sponsorship with NFTs, IRC-2 and IRC-3 tokens
  • ✅ Better Data Display and analytics.

Stakin’s CEO Interviewed by

In case you’ve missed it, Edouard Lavidalle the CEO and Co-Founder of Stakin and Stakin Finance was recently interviewed by Check the link below for the full article!👇

Interview Stakin - Your Trusted Crypto Rewards - Edouard Lavidalle -
Find out more about and follow us via social media.

SKALE Chains are now Live on Mainnet!

Great news for SKALE fans, the SKALE Chains are now live on Mainnet following the Denali upgrade. The Denali Upgrade brought forth network capabilities required to deploy the latest and greatest SKALE Chain technology. We will very soon start seeing decentralized applications deploy to SKALE Chains!

Further exciting SKALE news, is that the 14th of May marks a big milestone in the process of global scale education and the SKALE Network, as they’ve launched their education program on the Coinbase Earn Platform. With this initiative, the network aims to vastly grow the number of people who understand what the SKALE Network is, and what it does for Ethereum as well as Web3.0. Anyone who is interested in joining the community has access to the fundamental information about SKALE that will let them become an educated member.

ICONFi x Band Protocol Collaboration

IOCNFi integrated the Band Protocol’s Price Feeds! The highly reliable and secure reference price feeds are now integrated into the ICONFi application. As more and more users are joining ICONFi, Band Protocol’s decentralized and real-time price data will provide a secure and meaningful user experience making the prices and values of crypto assets on ICONFi more reliable and trustworthy.

  • 👀 For the previous announcement and more information, click here.

Tezos Florence Upgrade

Tezos’ sixth protocol upgrade (Florence) went live on the 11th of May 2021! This upgrade comes only three months after the last one, and is expected to bring four major changes to the protocol:

First, Florence brings twice the maximum operation size. Meaning, the maximum size of operations is doubled, which results in more than doubling the maximum size of a smart contract. That is particularly interesting for developers who are working on complicated applications that require such smart contract sizes. Secondly, Florence allows running more complex smart contracts at lower costs due to the gas optimizations that have taken place.

Additionally, Florence brings more intuitive smart contract development. With the new upgrade, it is easier for developers to write complicated systems of smart contracts without worrying about them behaving in unexpected ways. That is in view of the fact that Florence changes the applied order of inter-contract calls emitted by smart contracts to a depth-first execution order which is far more intuitive to most developers.

Finally, Florence deactivates the Test Chain feature in the Economic Protocol, which was in practice never used, highly complicated and resulted in reliability issues. Thus, with this change, the amendment process becomes more streamlined and trouble-free.

For more information about Tezos Florence, please see their Github.


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