How to Delegate to an EigenLayer Operator




Apr 10, 2024

3 min read

How to Delegate to an EigenLayer Operator

This is a simple guide on delegating to an EigenLayer Operator and restaking some of your ETH towards securing AVS (Actively Validated Services).

If you are not yet familiar with EigenLayer and restaking, the following guides may come in handy:

We’ve also researched some of the most promising AVS that you may be interested in supporting in the future.

Restake your ETH

This guide will walk you through three steps:

  • Restaking your ETH
  • Delegating to an Operator
  • Choosing your AVS

The first step before delegating restaked ETH to an EigenLayer Operators and AVS is to restake ETH through EigenLayer. The easiest way to do this is on the official EigenLayer Interface.

The EigenLayer restaking app supports multiple Web3 wallets (Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase) and assets (native ETH, stETH, osETH, ETHx, and other liquid-staked ETH tokens).

Restaking your ETH on EigenLayer is straightforward:

  1. Connect your wallet, review and accept the Terms and Conditions
  2. Choose your preferred ETH asset for staking (ETH, stETH, osETH, ETHx…)
  3. Type your chosen deposit amount & Deposit

How to Restake ETH with Eigenlayer walkthrough

Once you’ve restaked, you can delegate your restaked ETH to selected operators and contribute to securing AVSs.

Delegating to your Operator

EigenLayer’s current interface enables restakers to delegate their stake to specific operators.

These operators can choose which AVS they operate on by opting for various AVS networks. Each AVS can bring additional rewards, but also additional risks in the future when slashing will be enabled. 

While EigenLayer restakers cannot select directly which AVS they’d like to secure, they can entrust their restaked ETH with specific node operators and trust them for AVS selection. As slashing on AVSs has not been implemented yet, this does not pause additional risks for delegators. Each AVS your preferred operator selects and operates on, represents an opportunity for boosting your restaking APR.

To start delegating your stake to operators and secure their selected AVS, you need to visit the Operator page on the EigenLayer interface and follow the upcoming steps:

  1. Search and Select your Operator on the Operator page

Eigenlayer Operator Delegation Selection

  1. Click Manage, then once on the Operator page, you can verify which AVS the operator operates on and Delegate
Eigenlayer Operator Page Delegation and View

Choosing your AVS

As mentioned above, delegators cannot choose directly which AVS they want to support. However, it is possible to select operators, and with each operator may come specific AVSs or strategies related to AVS selection.

Why Delegating to Stakin?

By Delegating your restaked ETH to Stakin, you benefit from the reliability and security of an institutional-grade staking service provider. We strive to add support for further AVS and conduct due diligence on each project before committing to supporting it and opting for it.

We are a Triple AAA-rated staking provider by Staking Rewards, and our infrastructure has been audited and granted the ISO 27001 certification. Stakin offers contractual uptime, slashing guarantees, and enterprise-grade SLA contracts for EigenLayer, plus the possibility of having a dedicated operator and a dedicated AVS strategy for institutional stakes.

You can visit to learn more about our EigenLayer expertise and ecosystem services.

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