Nibiru Chain

Nibiru Chain



Nibiru is a sovereign proof-of-stake blockchain, an open-source platform, and a member of the Cosmos Ecosystem. Nibiru combines leveraged derivatives trading, spot trading, staking, and bonded liquidity provision into a unified user experience, allowing users of more than 40 blockchains to trade with leverage through a suite of modular decentralized applications. Nibiru is powered by a two-token economic model, with NIBI as the protocol's staking and utility token and NUSD as a capital-efficient, partially collateralized stablecoin. The Nibiru Ecosystem is comprised of: 1. Nibi-Perps is a perpetual futures market where users can take leveraged exposure and trade on a wide range of assets – entirely on-chain, completely non-custodial, and with low gas fees. 2. Nibi-Swap is an automated market maker protocol for multichain assets. 3. Nibiru uses a native, decentralized oracle system to accurately price assets and communicates with other Cosmos layer-1 chains using the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

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