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Blast API



Blast is an API platform built by Bware Labs that uses geographically dispersed third-party nodes such as Stakin to address reliability and latency problems within the Web3 infrastructure. With the help of a number of clustering and geo-location mechanisms, Blast's multi-region architecture ensures that user requests are routed to the point of presence that is closest to the origin of the call. Additionally, Blast ensures the decentralization of the underlying blockchain infrastructures by using third-party nodes dispersed throughout the globe, thereby lowering downtime and boosting reliability. For each supported blockchain, users are able to generate a dedicated endpoint that will give them access to the majority of RPC methods required for dAPP development and/or blockchain interaction. Users who sign up for the platform will be able to use the APIs for free up to a certain point, with the option to upgrade to paid subscription plans. Stakin is proud to be a node provider on the Blast API platform. We run multiple RPC endpoints to provide reliable data to Blast API, for multiple networks including Ethereum, Avalanche, Optimism, Shiden, Fantom and Polygon.

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