Market cap$14,217,250.00
Est. APR17.17%Fees 5%


Umee is a Cosmos SDK blockchain that acts as a cross-chain DeFi Hub. Through IBC, Umee is interoperable with leading blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem, such as Cosmos, Terra, Juno, Osmosis and others. Umee is also compatible with Ethereum with its own bridge built on the Gravity smart contract. Umee aims to connect with further ecosystems and networks, breaking the existing silos between blockchains and advancing capital efficiency. Within the Umee DeFi Hub, different financial products can be built, such as interest rate instruments, financial primitives, multi-chain staking and more. Umee already provides the ability to lend and borrow across different blockchains. UMEE is the blockchain's native token. It serves as the primary means of governance, blockchain security, and gas fees for transactions. UMEE can be staked to earn staking rewards via newly minted tokens.

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