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Learn about StakeWise (SWISE)
StakeWise is a liquid Ethereum 2.0 staking service platform that allows anyone to benefit from the Beacon Chain's yields. StakeWise uses secure and stable institutional-grade infrastructure, combined with proprietary tokenomics, to provide its users with the highest possible staking yields. Because it is a liquid staking platform, users can un-stake at any time or use their staked ETH capital to earn higher yields. StakeWise has no minimum ETH requirement and the platform fees are among the lowest in the industry. By depositing ETH into StakeWise, you will participate in Ethereum's Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism (staking) and receive ETH rewards in return. sETH2 (staking ETH) and rETH2 (reward ETH) are tokens issued to StakeWise Pool stakers. Based on the ERC-20 standard, these tokens represent the growth of one's stake when held and can be transferred or exchanged for other tokens to exit staking or take advantage of yield opportunities in DeFi protocols.
stakinWhy stake with us?
Stakin has been an early supporter of the StakeWise ecosystem and is dedicated to the long-term growth of the network: We offer dedicated support for all your staking, unstaking, and network-related questions. Active governance participant.
How to stake StakeWise (SWISE)?
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