fb Stakin / Irisnet Validator


APR 9.89%
Fees 25.00 %
Public key(s)
Market Cap $22,771,630 Price$0.016
RewardsEvery block (around 6 seconds)
APR 9.89%
Lock-up period21 days
CompoundingManual, delegator needs to claim and restake
Slashing risk• Downtime slashing (liveness fault): 0.03% of IRIS slashed. It happens when the validator is down for approximately 10,000 blocks (about 16 hours) • Double sign slashing: 1% of IRIS slashed. It happens if the validator tries to validate twice in the same block (malicious behavior or poor set-up).
Learn about Irisnet (IRIS)
IRIS Network (IRISnet) is a blockchain built on Tendermint and Cosmos SDK and interoperable with the Cosmos ecosystem through the IBC protocol. It acts as a hub for blockchain communication and applications. IRIS hub is equipped with a service protocol that coordinates on-chain transaction processing with off-chain data processing and business logic execution. By introducing service semantics in the network, IRISnet aims to create an innovative solution that lets a whole new set of business scenarios be possible. Thus, resulting in the increase in scale and diversity within the Cosmos ecosystem. For more information about Irisnet, have a look at our blog: https://blog.stakin.com/tag/irisnet/
stakinWhy stake with us?
• Stakin had been operating on IRIS Hub mainnet as a validator since genesis in March 2019 • We took part in many of IRIS Hub testnet iterations, including Nyancat and Bifrost, which were the opportunity to test our set-up for Mainnet, and contribute to the testing and development of crucial smart-contract, staking, and IBC features • In addition to IRISnet and Cosmos, Stakin supports 10+ networks in the Cosmos ecosystem and works on multiple testnet that are built on Tendermint • By delegating to Stakin, you contribute to network decentralization by choosing a smaller validator • The company actively takes part in on-chain governance and votes on all key proposals • We offer dedicated support for all your staking, unstaking, and network-related questions
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