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Learn about DeBridge (DeBridge)
The DeBridge Protocol is an infrastructure platform to become the set standard for cross-chain interoperability and composability of smart contracts, cross-chain swaps, bridging arbitrary assets, interoperability, and bridging of NFTs. DeBridge enables developers to build cross-chain applications with a decentralized bridge infrastructure. Such applications will unlock many advantages for users, who can use optimized application-specific blockchains seamlessly, and easily transfer assets, liquidity, or data between chains. DeBridge is decentralized and operated by a set of selected validators. A network of independent oracles/validators chosen by deBridge governance powers the cross-chain intercommunication of deBridge smart contracts.
stakinWhy stake with us?
• Stakin has supported DeBridge since 2021 as a testnet validator and is one of the 9 first Mainnet validators. • The company uses its experience as a staking provider on multiple blockchain networks to deploy a secure and reliable infrastructure for DeBridge. • Stakin runs its own reliable RPC nodes to connect DeBridge with the cross-chain ecosystem instead of relying on 3rd-party providers. • 24/7 monitoring and alerting have been set for both RPCs and the DeBridge network to ensure maximum uptime for DeBridge cross-chain transactions.
How to stake DeBridge (DeBridge)?
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