fb Stakin / Cronos Validator


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Market Cap $1,715,316,304 Price$0.068
Learn about Cronos (CRO)
Cronos is an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchain that is based on Ethermint. It is built using Cosmos SDK and the Tendermint Core consensus engine. It offers the opportunity to build, deploy and interact with EVM Dapps on an efficient, scalable and IBC interoperable network. Because it is EVM compatible, Dapps built on other EVM chains and coded in Solidity can be easily ported to Cronos. Cronos works as a Proof-of-Authority network with a carefully selected set of validators. This model allows Cronos to operate in a secure manner while being run by different parties in different geographies and with different set-ups. Stakin is proud to operate a validator node on Cronos blockchain and to participate in the security and decentralization of network. Cronos uses CRO for gas and transactions, which can be bridged from Crypto.org Chain and Crypto.com exchange using the different web and mobile applications of the ecosystem. It is not possible to stake CRO on Cronos chain. CRO can be staked on Crypto.org Chain. For more details about Cronos, please have a look at the official website and documentation.
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