fb Stakin / Concordium Validator


APR 9-11%
Fees 10-15 %
Market CapN/APriceN/A
Lock-up period30 days
CompoundingRewards can be set to be automatically restaked
Learn about Concordium (CCD)
Concordium is a blockchain built for business applications. Concordium takes all the best aspects of blockchain technology such as its permissionless nature, efficiencies and smart contracts, but makes it usable in a business and compliant environment. Concordium has built a blockchain that is regulatory compliant by design with the development of unique protocol-level identity primitives. However, while users are KYCed, their identity still remains anonymous on-chain unless the anonymity is revoked. As such, Concordium strikes a very innovative balance between regulatory compliance and privacy. The blockchain uses a two-layer consensus design offering security, high TPS and fast finality. Smart contracts are deployed in Wasm and can be written in Rust and then compiled. $CCD is Concordium's native token, which can be used for payments, smart contract execution, and staking among other use cases. For more information about Concordium, have a look at our blog: An Introduction to Concordium
stakinWhy stake with us?
Stakin is a leading Proof-of-Stake validation service with 3+ years of operations and an excellent track record of running staking infrastructure for multiple blockchain networks. The company has been involved as a validator and infrastructure provider for Concordium since January 2021. Stakin offers dedicated baking and validator nodes for Concordium CCD investors to earn a staking yield on their CCD. In addition to running high uptime infrastructure, we also offer dedicated support for all your staking, security, unstaking, and network-related questions (Ledger set-up, Multisig transactions to add a baker, Update baker keys) For more information about Concordium staking and dedicated nodes, CCD holders and investors are invited to contact us at institutional[at]stakin.com or to use the form below.
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